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Students in SGA Gather Support for Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy

Robby Abrahamian, Jordan Farrell, Nellie Anne DeLain and Lucy DeLain in front of the Capital. Photo courtesy of Robby Abrahamian

A Student Government Association resolution has been proposed in support of a national carbon fee and dividend policy. This policy, proposed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, aims to put a price on greenhouse gas emissions by imposing an initial $15 fee per ton on carbon dioxide emissions or equivalent pollution which would increase by $10 each year. The policy differs from ... Read More »

North Wind Renewable Energy Becomes Employee Owned

A North Wind solar panel installation. Photo courtesy of North Wind Renewable Energy.

As of this April, North Wind Renewable Energy has made the transition to a 100 percent employee owned cooperative. This Stevens Point based company specializes in the installation and design of solar electric systems. North Wind’s clients include businesses, farms and homes across the state. Doug Stingle, a consultant for North Wind, said that becoming an employee owned cooperative is ... Read More »

Earth Week on Campus

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will host a range of events in honor of Earth Day the week of April 17-22. Jenessa Gilarski, sophomore health science major and communication specialist for the Office of Sustainability, says that the theme for this year’s Earth Week is diversity. Diversity may be a word that is rarely associated with sustainability, but Gilarski pointed ... Read More »

The College of Natural Resources Engages in Civil War

Differing views in the TNR building leads to dispute. Photo courtesy of the guy who forgot about his take–home midterm.

The College of Natural Resources rang with whoops and shrieks last Tuesday as fractions of students at war chased each other down the halls. The hullabaloo began with a confrontation between Autumn Leaf, herbal tea and aromatherapy major, and Gunner Grove, hunting and venison arts major. The skirmish was instigated over lunch when Grove commented on Leaf’s carrots and garlic ... Read More »

Locally Grown Aquaponic Lettuce Served on Campus

Student prepares salad at Upper Debot with lettuce grown using aquaponics. Photo by Ross Vetterkind

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Dining Services now offers local aquaponic lettuce at the deli line and salad bar in the Dreyfus University Center, and the salad bar at Upper Debot. This lettuce is grown just over 60 miles south of campus at Nelson and Pade Inc. in Montello, Wisconsin. Aquaponic lettuce was first offered to students at these locations last ... Read More »

Student Sculptures Displayed at Central Wisconsin Environmental Station Connect Art with Nature

An installation at the sculpture park. Photo courtesy of Tom Quinn.

Last semester the natural landscape of the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station provided inspiration for a half a dozen student sculptures which are now displayed around the station’s grounds. The project was born when Tom Quinn, Central Wisconsin Environmental Station director, contacted Kristin Thielking, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point sculpture professor. Upon Quinn’s request, students from Thielking’s sculpture class were tasked with ... Read More »

Student Diets Could Support Deforestation on Other Side of Globe


Chocolate, granola bars, shampoo and detergent are all seemingly harmless products which often contain palm oil, an ingredient that leads to deforestation and destruction of critical wildlife habitat in Asia. Student diets may be contributing to deforestation, since many packaged foods sold at the convenience dining locations on campus contain palm oil. Few realize that their food choices fuel the ... Read More »

Rhode Island Carbon Tax Could Protect Environment and Local Economy

Carbon emissions coming from smoke stacks. Photo courtesy of

As a coastal state, Rhode Island could soon see the devastating effects of climate change. In response, some Rhode Island lawmakers recognize their state’s imminent danger and have introduced a proposal to tax carbon polluters. The proposed bill, referred to as Energize Rhode Island, would create a fund for clean energy and jobs with some of the revenue from the ... Read More »

Trump Administration Overturns Stream Protection Rule

Waste water running out of a drain. Photo courtesy of

On Feb. 16, President Trump signed the Stream Protection Rule out of existence. A repeal which was voted for by the Senate and House of Representatives earlier in the month. The rule had only just been passed in December during the final weeks of Obama’s presidency. The Obama administration had high hopes for the legislation. In December, the Department of ... Read More »

Prospective Border Wall Threatens Endangered Wildlife

Wild jaguar on the endangered species list. Photo courtesy of

In January, the heavily debated border wall got one step closer to becoming a reality when President Trump signed an executive order for its immediate construction. The economic and social implications of the wall inflamed disputes from the beginning of Trump’s campaign, but little publicity has been given to its effect on the border region’s wildlife. Shawn Crimmins, professor of ... Read More »