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Budget Cuts Spark Difficult Conversations About What’s Next

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is looking to half its structural deficit of $5 million in another round of budget cuts. In the current fiscal year, the university has already reduced its budget by $2 million, and an additional $2.5 million reduction is planned for July 2018. Due in March, the changes to the budget will come from Academic, Business ... Read More »

New Marijuana Ordinance to be Proposed in Stevens Point

An ordinance that would take big steps towards decriminalizing marijuana in Stevens Point will be proposed on Monday, Nov. 13. The ordinance would lower the penalty for first time possession of less than five grams of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia from $100 to $5. This change comes after the first offense penalty was already lowered from $300 to $100. Neither ... Read More »

For First Time Renters, There’s A Lot of Places Like Home

October is an exciting month for students leasing a new place to call home, however, many first-time renters may be unfamiliar with the renting process or even unsure where to begin. To help students, the Student Government Association hosts an Off-Campus Student Housing Fair every year. This years was held on Oct. 17 and 30. Rich Sommer, of Sommer Property ... Read More »

Spiked Drinks and Off-Campus Assault: Update

Reports of spiked drinks at off campus parties continue to shake the community of Stevens Point. On the weekend of Sept. 23, two separate groups of students who attended off-campus parties reported that they believed their drinks were drugged. One student reported they were assaulted after consuming this drink. The students reported feelings of extreme intoxication, dizziness, dream-like and sedated ... Read More »

Just inCASE You Didn’t Know about the New SIEO

Two of the universities largest programming units, Campus Activities, and the Student Involvement and Employment Office have merged to create Campus Activities and Student Engagement, CASE. The merge took place when Susan Lebow, the previous Assistant Director of SIEO, took a new position. Due to budget cuts associated with declining enrollment, the decision was made to merge SIEO with Campus ... Read More »

Dive into Great Lakes with Divepoint Scuba

The small town of Stevens Point may seem an unlikely place for a dive shop to call home however, Bob and Carrie Butt, owners of Divepoint Scuba think otherwise. “You know we’ve got a lot of lakes, a lot of places to dive in Wisconsin, actually more lakes than Minnesota, Minnesota’s the land of 10,000 lakes and actually Wisconsin has ... Read More »

 Liberal White Americans: Why We Need to Address Our Biases

I’m not racist, I don’t wave a confederate flag from the back of my Dodge Ram. I’m not racist, I don’t spray paint swastikas on the side of public buildings. I’m not racist, I voted for Hilary. Essentially, “I’m not racist because I’m not like that guy.” I get it, no one wants to think of themselves as racist. Racism ... Read More »

Is Yoga Appropriation? It’s an Ongoing Conversation

Yoga studios with names like, “Holy Cow Yoga Center,” located in Charleston, South Carolina, make light of Hinduism’s religious beliefs and traditions, while advertising as, “a unique studio dedicated to recovering what we believe to be the essence of yoga.” Those from Western cultures who practice yoga may be looking for a strict definition of appropriation, but a non-subjective definition ... Read More »

Smartphone Usage Could Hurt Student Grades

A recent study from Kent State University found that cell phones have a significant negative impact on the grade point average of college students. “I definitely think that it distracts me from my homework, because if I’m in the middle of an assignment and my phone goes off, I immediately go to that, and start paying attention to that,” said ... Read More »

What’s Happening with Drug Screening for Food Share?

Wisconsin is seeking a federal waiver to implement changes to the FoodShare program, beginning Nov. 1, 2018. The waiver would allow Wisconsin to change the way it regulates the FoodShare program through the implementation of a drug screening, testing and treatment policy. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website, The FoodShare Employment and Training, also called FSET, is ... Read More »