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A Look into Sports: April 5, 2017

Spring Break Trip Brings Mixed Results for Pointer Baseball The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point baseball team headed to Auburndale, Florida, over spring break as part of an invitational to compete against teams across the nation. The team competed in a total of nine games, finishing with a record of 5-4. The Pointers started off with a 6-5 win against UMass Boston. ... Read More »

Look Both Ways For New Album By Olivia Millerschin

Invited back to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point after two years, Olivia Millerschin brought her meaningful lyrics, colorful melodies and positive personality, showcasing her newest album, Look Both Ways. Millerschin writes songs about personal experience and the experiences of those she is close to. In Look Both Ways, the song Ellie was inspired from an article her mom read in ... Read More »

April Fools Horoscopes

Aquarius, Jan. 20 – Feb. 18 Since it’s no longer your birthday time, put your big boy pants on and get back to work. You may not have had a great V-Day, but neither did anyone else who’s single. Pisces, Feb. 20 – Mar. 20 A vague statement about your love life is the best you’re going to get. Aries, ... Read More »

Dutch Trump Pushes Far-Right Politics in Europe

Geert Wilder, a far-right conservative politician from the Netherlands, has been the head of an anti-immigration shift in the political climate in Europe. Although Wilder lost the election in mid-March for Prime Minister, the anti-Islamist Party for Freedom’s candidate was a serious threat to the incumbent, Mark Rutte. The Netherlands is a historically liberal country that has been welcoming to immigrants ... Read More »

Metered Bicycle Parking to Replace State Funding

As part of a desperate effort to resuscitate a quickly depleting budget, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is implementing a plan to enforce metered bicycle parking. The idea was put forth after the release of the most recent budget proposal from Wisconsin’s supreme dictator for life, and alleged spawn of Satan, Wott Scalker. The new budget would take away all ... Read More »

Triggered Snowflakes Finally Give Up

After a long-fought battle for equality, social justice activists have decided to throw in the towel. The constant pressure from strangers on social media has successfully stifled the voices of those who do not look like they would appear in a Hitler wet dream. Marvin Luther-King, freshman sociology major, said, “After being called a ‘triggered snowflake’ on Facebook, my mind ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton Makes Last-Ditch Effort for Presidency

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential nominee, just announced her intentions to run for president of the Student Government Association. SGA at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is holding elections next week for a new president and vice president, but Clinton has not strapped down a VP running-mate yet. “She asked me to run with ... Read More »

Student Undecided on Swipe or Dawg Dollars for $3.66 Purchase

On Friday, March 24 around 10:45 p.m., freshman undeclared major Jason Jaysin was reported contemplating using a meal swipe or dawg dollars on a purchase of $3.66 at Lower Debot. With only fifteen minutes to closing, Lower Debot was quite busy. Jaysin was about second in line when he decided to do some mental math about what he was going ... Read More »

Find Yourself in the Wicker Huts with Psych 101

Recent students of a psychology 101 class at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are offering counseling services to supplement the efforts by Delzell Hall. Kurt Safflower, sophomore fungal society major, is taking the charge on opening the services to other students. “There has been so much stress on campus, you know, and my classmates thought we could help by just ... Read More »

Wisconsin Loses Dairy Credibility

Wisconsin residents will no longer wear cheeseheads, tour cheese factories, visit dairy farms or drink milk again. Holding the title of “America’s Dairy State” since the 1700’s, Wisconsin finally lost its dairy credibility to California. The news came as shock to the entire country. America’s new dairy state will now be California because all cows have migrated to California to ... Read More »