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Congressional Democrats Allowed Fifty Trump Electoral Votes Despite Illegitimacy

On Dec. 19, 538 presidential electors convened and officially elected Donald Trump into office. The Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution speaks on presidential elections. Elector eligibility is left to state legislators and, like several other government processes, there is a tight set of rules which dictate who is eligible to be an elector for a state. This year several of ... Read More »

Duck Stamp Art Competition Brings Attention to UWSP While Supporting Conservation

The Federal Duck Stamp art competition will be held in Wisconsin for the first time at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The event will occur on Sept.  15 and 16 of 2017. The purpose of the competition is to select the artwork which will appear on the 2018-2019 Duck Stamp. During the selection process, submissions will be available for free public viewing. ... Read More »

Wisconsin DNR Website Omits Humans as Cause of Climate Change

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has removed any mention of human-caused climate change from their website. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel believes these changes were made around Dec. 21 of 2016. One of the most prevalent changes in language on the DNR website takes place on a page which was previously titled, “Climate Change and Wisconsin’s Great Lakes.” Now the ... Read More »

City Council Passes Resolution to Oppose Dakota Access Pipeline

On Dec. 19, the Stevens Point City Council passed a resolution to actively oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline, also known as the DAPL. This resolution was written and proposed to the city by Brewster Johnson,  senior natural resources planning major. The DAPL is a 1,172-mile long crude oil pipeline. It was supposed to go either near or through Standing Rocks ... Read More »

Tuition Cuts for UW System Not as Great as They Sound

Governor Scott Walker has proposed a tuition cut for the UW System in the next budget, but it comes with strings attached. Walker has appeared to switch from the trend of continuously cutting state funds to adding support to the System. A tuition cut sounds great to students, but for the sake of the functionality of the System as a whole, ... Read More »

Favorite Study Spots

  As the days in the semester count down, students talk about their favorite spots around campus to study in preparation for finals week. Shay Spatz Multimedia Reporter Read More »

Male Birth Control Study: What You Need to Know

Birth Control for men has been a sensitive topic over the last few months. As prospective hormonal methods have been making their way through human experimental trials, women have become excited at the idea of being able to share the responsibility of long-term birth control with their male partners. The study was focused on a combination-hormonal-injection for men that would ... Read More »

What Are Holiday Traditions to You?

Grace Dapper is a senior psychology major from Saint Paul, MN.  Every Christmas Eve, we go to church and then to whichever cousin’s house. We hang out, eat a lot before dinner and then eat dinner. A cool tradition my mom came up with is that she creates place cards for everyone, but it’s not your name, it’s a picture she ... Read More »

Trimming Back on Holiday Waste

It is that time of year for outdoor light displays, shopping for presents and decorating trees. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, Americans’ waste production increases by 25 percent. For those that celebrate the holidays, how can we keep holiday cheer while still keeping the planet clean? Wrapping paper stays on presents for an average of five days. The presents are ... Read More »

UWSP Cheer and Stunt Team Gives Helping Hand

Many times, student-athletes are given an opportunity to go above and beyond the call of duty and make an impact on something greater than their respective team. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point cheer and stunt team has been doing just that by helping a group called the Dream team accomplish their goal of auditioning for America’s Got Talent. With assistance ... Read More »