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Out of Quarters? Here is the Answer

Over the summer of  2017, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus underwent in regards to paying for parking. As of the fall semester, new parking kiosks have been set up to help with the parking needs of the campus and city. The kiosks are located on Reserve Street by the Health Enhancement Center, Fourth Ave., Isadore St.  and other roads ... Read More »

When Organic Really Means “Organic”

Organic food certified by the United States Department of Agriculture can come in many forms, ranging from store brand mac and cheese to fresh produce from Saturday’s Farmers’ Markets on the Square, but is the label enough to warrant consumer trust in the quality of a product? Dan Mielke, organizer for the Stevens Point Farmers Market, and co-founder for the ... Read More »

CREATE-ing Urban Artistry

The fourth installment of the Phantom Gallery Party series was held on Sept. 8 from 7-9 p.m. CREATE Portage County is a non-profit organization that focuses on the arts and creativity of the local community. This event features an interesting twist. CREATE turns old rough spaces into temporary art galleries for one night only and holds the location of the ... Read More »

Cutting Out The Middle Man

While there are many waves of new trends or ideas coming our way with unknown intentions, direct farming is a tide many can welcome with open arms. As reported by the United States Department of Agriculture, not only is Wisconsin ranked within the top five in sales of direct farming, but the entire country has seen an increase in 2.3 percent ... Read More »

Rural Wisconsin Faces Shortage of Volunteer EMTs

As years go on, the service provided by volunteer first responders in rural Wisconsin is slowly decreasing. These volunteers are known as emergency medical technicians, or EMTs. An EMT is a first responder to emergencies such as car accidents, traumas, heart attacks and childbirth. The volunteer EMTs, which many rural areas depend upon, have a large set of responsibilities, all ... Read More »

Campus Compost is More Than What Meets The Nose

What is that smell? It is not the paper mill and it is not the football team practicing on the fields. If students have caught a strong odor walking over on the north side of campus by the Reserve, odds are it is the campus compost pile. The compost pile equates to about 15 cubic yards of material. About 15 ... Read More »

Wisconsin Legislature Attempting to End Mining Moratorium

A bill is being discussed in Wisconsin legislature that would pave the way for new mining operations. Environmental activists oppose the bill. The bill was introduced by Sen. Tom Tiffany and Rep. Rob Hutton of Hazelhurst and Brookfield, respectively. If passed, it would remove a 20 year old moratorium on sulfide mining. Amber Meyer Smith, Director of Programs and Government ... Read More »

The Ball Drop 2017 Experience

There are many activities to do during Welcome Week. Many are fun, and all are great ways to welcome students back to campus, but only one has the possibility of being trampled by fellow students. That activity is the Ball Drop. The annual Ball Drop was hosted at the Debot field on Sunday, Sept. 3. One thousand five hundred balls ... Read More »

Diversity Training Creates a More Inclusive Campus

As a new school year approaches this means a lot of heavy lifting for new students entering the world of college, but before incoming freshman can start classes it is time for Welcome Week. Welcome Week is five days of events to help new students become adjusted to their new campus. One of the events scheduled on Friday September 1st was Diversity ... Read More »

An Update on Emerald Ash Borer Damage Prevention Efforts

Around campus many students might have seen trees with tape around them signifying a specific ash tree is infected with the emerald ash borer insect. The emerald ash borer, while small can make a huge impact. At about half inch long, smaller than an American penny this metallic green beetle has the power to possibly take down entire forests of ash ... Read More »