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Political Party Loyalty Challenging Voter Conscience

Republicans and Democrats have been pitted against each other since the parties were founded. Identifying as either of the two is part of a person’s social identity. Whether one agrees with every stance taken by their party or not, people are usually loyal and vote along party lines. Research done by Yale University shows that the president in office along ... Read More »

Humans Of Point

Asaf Arvizu is a sophomore acting major What is the best and worst Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?  Probably the worst is that somebody dressed up as Charlie Brown from Charlie Brown Halloween where he tried to make a ghost costume out of a bed sheet, but instead of making two holes he made a hundred by accident somehow. And ... Read More »

Sustainability Month Makes October Green Again

It is the time of year where the leaves are changing colors, but there is still a lot of green to be found on campus. October has been designated as Sustainability Month on campus. UW-Stevens Point participates in Earth Day, and Earth Week in the month of April; so why did the Office of Sustainability designate a whole month to ... Read More »

Slam Into A Night Of Poetry

Powerful words, low lighting and emotional performances could be witnessed at Centertainment Production’s first poetry slam event of the year. On the night of Friday, Oct. 21 in the Dreyfus University Center’s Alumni Room, students were encouraged to sign up and perform their personal poetry in front of a seated audience and randomly selected judges from the crowd. Joshua Hanyard, ... Read More »

Look Into Sports: Cross Country Shines at UW-Oshkosh Open

Solid Defensive Effort Not Enough for Pointer Football The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point football team, despite not allowing second half points, was defeated by No. 2 UW-Whitewater 24-2 this past Saturday. Senior quarterback Kyle Larson attempted a season-high 56 passes, but three interceptions hindered the Pointer offense from getting anything going. Special teams and defensive play were positive takeaways in ... Read More »

Does Student Involvement Lead to Post-College Success?

Success is relative. It means something completely different to any number of people. When it comes to a college setting, being successful is often stereotyped as having almost perfect grades, being involved in student organizations or having internships and job experience. The  pressure felt by students across the U.S. is not about being proficient in one of these areas anymore, ... Read More »

Have You Heard of Genetically Modified Foods?

Genetically modified organisms are a controversial topic, especially within the food industry. According to World Health Organization, “Genetically modified organisms can be defined as organisms in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or natural recombination.” Many individuals have an issue with the unnatural aspect of changing the DNA of ... Read More »

Ducks Unlimited: An Organization Worth Quackin’ About

At its core, Ducks Unlimited is a group dedicated to the conservation, preservation and enhancement of North America’s wetlands. Since its origination in the 1930s, the organization has preserved millions of acres of vital habitat. The group strives to save the wetlands for the wildlife, waterfowl and people who enjoy spending time there. One common misconception that the group faces ... Read More »

Album Review: Don’t Let the Kids Win

Julia Jacklin’s debut album “Don’t Let the Kids Win,” is a collection of songs highlighting electric and acoustic guitar with an Indie Pop and Alternative feel. Jacklin depicts the hardships and joyful times of love in all shapes, ranging from relationships to family love. Her lyrics in certain songs have a sad undertone about real problems, whether it is drugs ... Read More »

India Joins Paris Climate Change Agreement

On Oct. 2, the birthday of India’s former independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, India ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement and joined the largest effort in the world to reduce greenhouse gases. The Paris agreement involves 195 countries and was negotiated last December to create a worldwide reduction in carbon emissions. It will go into effect when enough countries join to ... Read More »