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Segregated Fees Survive the Budget For Now

Jordan Farrell and other SGA members at work. Photo courtesy of Samantha Stein.

Segregated fees have survived. Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal suggested making these fees optional, which would have been the end of most student organizations and other services across campus. The Student Government Association at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has worked to educate the student population and organize rallies and effective protests. Jordan Farrell, junior natural resources planning and political ... Read More »

Destination Imagination: Teamwork at Its Best

Students of all ages compete in different challenges. Photo by Samantha Stein

Every April, thousands of people from all over Wisconsin come to Stevens Point for the state level competition of Destination Imagination, DI. The tournament involves teams of kids of all ages, from preschool to the university level, working together to accomplish a goal in an innovative and creative way. The DI websites calls it “an opportunity for kids to connect ... Read More »

Clothing, Comics and Tea on Clark Street

Patrons shopping for tea and flavored olive oils at Diversi-Tea. Photo by Samantha Stein

On April 1, three local businesses located on Clark Street  celebrated their anniversary month by welcoming customers to explore their stores during a block party. Owners of Assembly, Diversi-Tea LLC. and Galaxy Comics, Games & More banded together and helped advertise for one another. Raffle tickets were given to patrons which, once signed by employees at all three locations, could ... Read More »

Local Pregnancy Centers Offer Drastically Different Services

Outside of First Choice. Photo by Samantha Stein

On Division Street in Stevens Point, there are two family planning facilities that are dramatically different in the services they provide. Delzell Hall on campus offers family planning services as well, but for varying reasons, Delzell is not always the go-to choice for family planning services. Delzell’s services are also only accessible to those currently enrolled at the university. The first of the ... Read More »

April Fools Horoscopes


Aquarius, Jan. 20 – Feb. 18 Since it’s no longer your birthday time, put your big boy pants on and get back to work. You may not have had a great V-Day, but neither did anyone else who’s single. Pisces, Feb. 20 – Mar. 20 A vague statement about your love life is the best you’re going to get. Aries, ... Read More »

Dutch Trump Pushes Far-Right Politics in Europe

Geert Wilder, the "Dutch Donald Trump". Photo provided by Wikimedia Commons

Geert Wilder, a far-right conservative politician from the Netherlands, has been the head of an anti-immigration shift in the political climate in Europe. Although Wilder lost the election in mid-March for Prime Minister, the anti-Islamist Party for Freedom’s candidate was a serious threat to the incumbent, Mark Rutte. The Netherlands is a historically liberal country that has been welcoming to immigrants ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton Makes Last-Ditch Effort for Presidency

Hilary's campaign posters around campus. Photo by Jim Tom

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential nominee, just announced her intentions to run for president of the Student Government Association. SGA at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is holding elections next week for a new president and vice president, but Clinton has not strapped down a VP running-mate yet. “She asked me to run with ... Read More »

Find Yourself in the Wicker Huts with Psych 101


Recent students of a psychology 101 class at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are offering counseling services to supplement the efforts by Delzell Hall. Kurt Safflower, sophomore fungal society major, is taking the charge on opening the services to other students. “There has been so much stress on campus, you know, and my classmates thought we could help by just ... Read More »

Turning People On to Sexual Education

Pornhub Sexual Wellness video screenshot. Photo by Nomin Erdenebileg, one of the most popular pornographic websites, has created and launched sister website, the Sexual Wellness Center. There are 27 states that still teach Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage in public schooling. Wisconsin does not teach abstinence-only, but stresses the importance of not having sex until marriage while simultaneously giving information about safe-sex practices to students. PornHub has teamed up with Laurie Betito, ... Read More »

Get to Know the Candidates and VOTE!

Photo courtesy of SGA.

The Student Government Association is holding elections for president and vice president next week. Candidates for president are Robert Abrahamian and Sean Piette, and their respective running mates are Nellie DeLain and Katie Hansen. There will be a debate on Wednesday, Mar. 8, at 8 p.m. in the Encore room in the Dreyfus University Center that is open to all ... Read More »