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Espresso Yourself at Coffee and Culture

Since 2013, Coffee and Culture has allowed students to speak about topics they are passionate about which can often be underrepresented ideas and groups. Still relatively new to campus, Coffee and Culture is trying to find its niche. Samantha Barnum, junior communications major, is the second coordinator who is now on her third semester in charge. “My goal for the program is ... Read More »

Enrollment Down 7.4 Percent From Last Year

Current enrollment at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is 8,567. For comparison, in fall 2013 enrollment was at 9,643. Roughly a 1,100 difference over the span of three school years. However, the drop from fall 2015 to fall 2016 steeps from 9,255 students, about a 7.4 percent drop in enrollment. Which is proportionally the largest annual decline from UW system ... Read More »

Pride Week Set to Shine Bright and Proud

April 10 was the start of pride week and, for some students, the start of movies, prom and much more. On Monday night, in partnership with the Black Student Union and Centertainment, the Oscar winning movie Moonlight was shown to a nearly full house in the Dreyfus University Center. Moonlight is extra special to students because there is rarely a ... Read More »

Students Forced to Stay on Campus Next Year

Living on campus, or at least paying to live on campus, will be required for sophomore students as well as freshman beginning next year. Currently, it is required for traditional freshman students to live in the residence halls for their first year. Although many return to the dorms, a portion of upperclassmen move off-campus in their preceding years of school. ... Read More »

Student Undecided on Swipe or Dawg Dollars for $3.66 Purchase

On Friday, March 24 around 10:45 p.m., freshman undeclared major Jason Jaysin was reported contemplating using a meal swipe or dawg dollars on a purchase of $3.66 at Lower Debot. With only fifteen minutes to closing, Lower Debot was quite busy. Jaysin was about second in line when he decided to do some mental math about what he was going ... Read More »

Chancellor Proposes Pipeline to Run Through UWSP Campus

Last week University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Chancellor Bernie Patterson unveiled the next project to proceed the construction of the new science building. The Pointer Pipeline will start construction next semester according to Patterson. “With everyone concerned about segregated fees and various budget cuts, we’ve decided the best step forward for the campus would be a pipeline,” said Patterson. The ... Read More »

SGA Election Victors Eager to Make Change for Students

After a closely fought Student Government Association election, Sean Piette and Katie Hansen have been elected as the incoming President and Vice President. Before being elected, both Piette and Hansen had held positions in student government. Discovering the change they could enact is part of what motivated them to run. Piette said, “A week after I started getting my voice ... Read More »

Senator Testin the Waters With On-Campus Listening Session

Over the past few weeks, the new Wisconsin state senate has been back in their home districts for the first congressional recess. Normally, these off months for politicians have been a time for them to meet with their constituents and learn about what issues to bring back to the capital. With healthcare and immigration on the line, people have stepped up ... Read More »

Professor Tori Jennings Runs for Office

From being the second woman in the state of Colorado to be promoted to captain of the fire service, to becoming a first generation college graduate, Professor Tori Jennings continues to seek new adventures. Jennings has been an anthropology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for seven years. She is now looking to apply her degree in a new ... Read More »

Presidential Breakfast Reveals a Bible Trumper

Last month was the first national prayer breakfast for the Trump administration. The National Prayer Breakfast has been an annual event in Washington, D.C. held on the first Thursday of February since 1953. Historically, presidents since Eisenhower have had an opportunity to read from scripture and invite special guests such as Mother Teresa in 1994. Besides talking about how The ... Read More »