• Anyon Rettinger

    Anyon Rettinger

    I am a Junior at UW-Stevens Point studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I'm the Online Editor of The Pointer. I write album reviews, listen to a lot of music, have a new found obsession with tea, and I like taking angsty pictures for my Instagram. I travel when I can and like to think I am a good photographer. Most times if you hear noise, its me singing down the hall. I'm an aspiring singer and artist. I am also a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America at UWSP as the Visual Promotions Chair. Follow my social media platforms to learn more about me and my work.
  • Kathryn Wisniewski

    Kathryn Wisniewski

    I am co-Editor-in-Chief for The Pointer and a senior English major. My hobbies include reading, visiting museums, watching Netflix and running.
  • pointer
  • Connor Schoelzel
  • Dalen Dahl

    Dalen Dahl

    Hi, I'm Dalen; a photographer for the Pointer. I am currently a senior at UWSP majoring in Graphic Design. You will most likely find me in Schmeeckle photographing the deer.
  • Jake Powell
  • Jake Shurba

    Jake Shurba

    I am the new Copy Editor this year for the Pointer! I am a senior in the wildlife ecology program with another year to go. When I'm not working or studying, I love to be outside with my camera or reading in my hammock in Schmeekle.
  • Kevin Bargender

    Kevin Bargender

    New sports editor for the Pointer and communication major with a minor in business administration. You can reach me by e-mail at: or call/text me at: 715-650-7544
  • McKenzie Noltner
  • Naomi Albert

    Naomi Albert

    I am a junior Natural Resource Planning major with a Spanish minor. I enjoy the outdoors and traveling.
  • Nomin Erdenebileg
  • Olivia De Valk

    Olivia De Valk

    Senior English major. Pretty much only watches bad movies. Mediocre runner. Probably really hydrated.
  • Ross Vetterkind

    Ross Vetterkind

    I am a sophomore at UW Stevens Point and have not yet chosen a major. I was recently hired at The Pointer as a photographer, which allows me to work as well as practice my favorite hobby at the same time. Other hobbies I have include woodworking, hiking and backpacking, and traveling.
  • Steve Hill

    Steve Hill

    Faculty Advisor
  • Kirby Lichon

    Kirby Lichon

    Hello! My name is Kirby and I am a Junior majoring in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2 dimensional work. I really enjoy nature, music, photography, and attempting to cook.
  • Lindsy Lemancik

    Lindsy Lemancik

    I am an Arts and Entertainment Reporter for the Pointer. I am in my Junior year, and I'm a Broadfield Language Arts Major with a Creative Writing Minor. I enjoy reading, hiking, and listening to music.
  • Marty Pikula

    My experience in media is as a Psychological Operations Specialist in the US Army. My enlistment ended in 2010 and today I mostly journal for myself when I travel.
  • Michelle Wilde

    Senior Psychology and International Studies major. Coffee has replaced my blood.

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