Arts Bash 2015

While responsible for supporting the Theatre & Dance and Art & Design Departments, Arts Bash brings guests together for a night full of food, entertainment and the arts. Carly Caputa Multimedia Reporter Read More »

Pointer Profile: Student Art League

Student Art League has something to offer all students who are interested in any form of the arts! In this Pointer Profile, we learn more about SAL and the new innovations that they are making to help better serve students and the community. Michelle Larsen Multimedia Reporter     Read More »

The Happening

Arts Management and the Happening bring students together while bringing them closer to the arts. Carly Caputa Multimedia Reporter Read More »

Sculpt: Pumpkin Sale

Fall is upon us and one campus organization has a special way of celebrating the season.  Sculpt hosted their annual Glass Pumpkin Sale on September 27th outside of the Noel Fine Arts Center.  Multimedia reporter Carly Caputa covers this colorful event and gives us a little bit more information about Sculpt. Carly Caputa Multimedia Reporter   Read More »

Students Speak: Facebook

Social media seems to define our generation and it has become something that we cannot escape. Facebook is one of the leaders in social media and can be used in a variety of ways. Multimedia reporter Carly Caputa asks students about their opinions on Facebook and what they use it for the most. Carly Caputa Multimedia Reporter Read More »

The Peep Show

No, not that kind of peep show! This week’s video takes you to the Riverfront Art Center to take a look at their annual Peep Show; an art show where all of the pieces are made from Peeps candy.   Anna Schuttenhelm Multimedia Reporter Read More »