Five Tips to Nail Job-Interview Style


Knowing how to dress appropriately for an interview is an important aspect that job-hunters need to acknowledge, as initial impressions are formed quickly by employers looking at potential candidates to fill positions. Wearing the wrong attire may be more critical than once believed. Taylor Koch, Career Services Career Outreach Coordinator, offered some tips about how to nail interview style in ... Read More »

Granny Hair Trend Teeters as Fad

Younger women are starting to dye their hair as part of a new trend. Photo courtesy of

What is known as the granny hair trend has become popular and inspired young women to dye their hair shades of grey for a “silver fox” appearance. Hair dye is just one way women creatively express themselves, and whether it be for attention or as a creative outlet, the trend has forced a double-take. University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students have varied opinions about the ... Read More »

Fashion Unconsciously Lighter in Spring?

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Color is more than an aesthetic principle for fashion in the Midwest, where people may or may not be aware they are naturally moving toward different color palettes in their wardrobes for springtime. “In springtime, people are going to be wearing cooler colors: greens, purples, blues,” said JinMan Jo, associate professor of art and design. Color theory can be described ... Read More »

Students Embrace Seasonal Facial Festivities

Photo by Emma St. Aubin.

Each year the temperatures dip, the seasons shift, and the harsh November winds begin to blow. At this time of year, students across campus take part in the annual event aptly titled No-Shave November. “I enjoy No-Shave November because I no longer have to try to tame my thick and massive beard,” said ​Bryan Driebel, a regular participant in the ... Read More »

Katherine Knight: Fashion Speech


“We speak in fabric, color, line, shape and form. We speak in the language of fashion, just as it speaks for us in our daily life.” These are the words spoken on Katherine Knight’s blog, Fashion Speech. Katherine Knight, a communication student, started her blog last fall as a hobby. “I really like to write and it’s sort of a ... Read More »

Ugly Sweater Parties Hit 54481


When I was about ten years old, my grandma bought me a holiday sweater. It was a cardigan: turquoise, featuring about ten tiny beaded snowmen surrounded by pink sequined trees. For a young girl who had an irrational fear of both anything sparkly and the color pink, this sweater brought about much anxiety. Today this sweater would have come in ... Read More »

This Month In Fashion: To Denim or Not to Denim?


We live in a world where fashion is a gateway to expression. Trends change and, in some aspects, are completely recycled. Whatever the case may be, it’s all fashion, and fashion is what this column is all about.Back in September, I introduced the column with some of my personal experiences and how I had gained interest in fashion. This month ... Read More »

The Introduction: Fall Fashion 2012


My passion for fashion all began back in 2010 when I was in Los Angeles for a poetry competition. My friends and I decided to do a little shopping with the spending money our parents had given us for the trip. Los Angeles was much bigger than Milwaukee and had more options for us to explore. This was the first ... Read More »