Review: Why Go ‘Furious?’

Do I really need to summarize the plot of “Furious 7” before I review it? You know how this one will go even before seeing it, right? Vroom, vroom. Boom, boom, “Aw… bye Paul.” The untimely death of Paul Walker is the big elephant in the room going into this movie, so I will get it out of the way ... Read More »

‘Chappie’ is the Droid You are Looking For

Can a movie be original while still ripping off many stories that came before it? The new film “Chappie” seems to suggest yes. Like the title character, “Chappie” is made from spare parts of other robots who have come before him. The movie “Robocop” already covered mechanized police officers, and countless films like “The Iron Giant” and “Big Hero Six” ... Read More »

Filmmakers Club Presents 47-Hour Challenge

The 47-Hour Film Challenge, hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Filmmakers Club, will present a weekend-long event for students interested in fun learning opportunities in the media field. Matthew Faltz, president of UWSP Filmmakers Club, said the event is not just for experienced filmmakers. “If you have no film-making skills, if you have a lot of film-making skills, if ... Read More »

Will Smith Deliver Fresh ‘Focus’?

Will Smith’s most recent film “Focus,” is ironically a bit of a blur in my mind. The pacing is fast and constantly building momentum as it drives you through a colorful world of high-class events and high-stake crime. “Focus” is likely to be the slickest and most stylish movie of the year and has an amazing soundtrack that infuses every beautifully shot ... Read More »

Zombie Culture Incorporated into Classrooms

Just when you thought there might be a new movie, comic or television show fad, the undead slowly stagers into the spotlight again. In the last few years, zombies have taken the helm in every category of media including television and theatrical movies. With the show “The Walking Dead” becoming more popular in the last couple of years, it seems ... Read More »

“The Day of the Doctor” is Almost Here

The popular BBC series Doctor Who has an enormous fanbase; one that’s kept the show running for 50 years. This year marks the momentous occasion with an upcoming special that will feature several different Doctors and companions. News of the special, “The Day of the Doctor,” has fans on the edge of their seats. Doctor Who has kept itself going ... Read More »

Disney Channel Show Set In Stevens Point

Stevens Point is the setting of a new Disney Channel original series called “Liv and Maddie.” The show is about two identical twins. One is returning from filming a popular television show called, “Sing it Loud!” while the other is an aspiring basketball player. The twins deal with daily Disney wackiness caused mostly by their conflicting personalities. Executive producer Andy ... Read More »

“Cabin in the Woods” Film Review

The “Cabin in the Woods’” ad campaign played on many of the age-old plot lines of the stale genre that horror has become. One of which was the classic situation of five friends going into the woods for a fun, sex-filled, inebriated, drug-induced weekend, only to find something horrible and terrifying awaiting them. The plot seems straightforward enough, but leave ... Read More »

Film Review – “Rampart”

Building off the success of his debut film, The Messenger, director Oren Moverman plunges into a world of corruption with his newest effort Rampart, which looks at the LAPD in the 1990’s and its long history of excessive violence, seedy corruption and racial discrimination. Woody Harrelson stars as misogynistic, hedonistic, alcoholic, quasi-sociopathic, racist (though he maintains that he hates all ... Read More »

The Artist – Film Review

The comedy-drama “The Artist” is an incredibly delightful film experience that bubbles with nostalgia, saluting the silent film era. Director Michael Hazanavicius had the daunting task of delivering a silent film (there is music, however) that pulsates with life for a loud, impatient world that frequently enjoys movies that arrive in theatres dead on arrival. He succeeded completely. Even sans ... Read More »