Food and Drink

Behind the Bar: Hot Rye Bijou

Bijou, meaning “jewel” in French, is a classic cocktail traditionally made with equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and green Chartreuse. This contemporary version, perfect for those last blustery winter days of snow and ice, can warm up anyone who has been in the harsh cold. Feel free to enjoy on a night during the last of Wisconsin’s snowfalls. 1 ounce ... Read More »

Best Places to Wine and Dine in Stevens Point

Even in a smaller city like Stevens Point, there are more places to eat than some realize. Having lived here for two years, I have found there are plenty of places to explore and enjoy to get a unique dining experience. For a night out, or when you want to relax or catch up with old friends, I recommend the following: Indulgence ... Read More »

Behind the Bar: Coffee Liqueur

A homemade version of the ever-popular Kahlúa, this coffee liqueur can be used for White Russians, the traditional vodka, coffee liqueur and cream cocktail, or simply served over ice. Traditionally served cold, this mixture can be heated and served warm on cold winter nights. It is also a nice addition to your morning coffee during a lazy weekend.   3 ... Read More »

Behind the Bar: Blackberry Sage Sangria

As a sweet, yet earthy beverage, blackberry sage sangria is a last-minute touch to make Valentine’s Day perfect. This recipe for two will add sweetness to any date or singles’ celebration. Blackberry Sage Sangria 4 1/2 ounces red wine, preferably Malbec 3 ounces bourbon 1 ounce black pepper syrup 3/4 ounce lime juice 4 sage leaves 10 blackberries 4 slices ... Read More »

Behind the Bar: Hot Toddies

Served warm, the Hot Toddy has been a favorite before bed drink on those cold and snowy winter days. Sometimes thought to be a cure for the common cold and influenza, this drink is far easier to consume than over-the-counter medications. In her book “How to Drink,” wine and drink critic Victoria Moore said, “The vitamin C for health, the ... Read More »

POINTEREST Holiday How-To: Gingerbread People

No cookie says “Christmas” like gingerbread men and nothing prepares me more to wrap gifts than some of these cookies with a good cup of hot cocoa. To kick off this holiday season, I baked a cozy gingerbread family to share with my own family. I used a classic recipe rather than one of those chocolate-stuffed, gluten-free, 30-calorie miracles. Although ... Read More »

Expanding the Palate and Tasting the World

International students from five different countries treated students and faculty to some of their favorite traditional dishes at the Taste of the World. Smells wafting from the kitchen could be recognized as soon as the door was opened last Saturday. The room was filled with curious combinations of food and people all gathered around the chefs. Students made appetizers, side ... Read More »

O’so Offers Variety in Craft Beer

O’so Brewing Company is a craft brewery in Plover, Wisconsin. O’so is a personal favorite destination of mine in the extended Stevens Point area. The brewery is going to celebrate their 6th anniversary on Nov. 9, so I tried a few of the year- round beers to give a jumping-off point to anyone that might be looking for an introduction ... Read More »

Pointerest – Whole Wheat Apple Muffins Recipe

Every fall I seem to go on an all-out apple binge, putting them in everything and anything I can think of. I usually make it a good month or two until my excitement finally sputters out and them I’m satisfied for another season. This batch of whole-wheat apple muffins marked this year’s kickoff using my favorite fall fruit, and what ... Read More »

Pointerest: Cure-All Kale Salad

To ensure a long and pleasant stay on this plane of existence, or simply build up a solid wall of defense against the common cold and the dreadful flu, you must carefully maintain your body as you would an expensive European car. Yes, consuming those foul, unsweetened, and disturbingly moist vegetables may be a struggle. Yes, it may seem easier ... Read More »