Food and Drink

Pointerest: Food Memories

Food’s great power is that it brings people together. Think about it, every important moment of life involves food in some way. Food has the power to spark good conversations, ideas and relationships. And that has been true for my life at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Some of my greatest memories in Point are food memories. Here are just ... Read More »

Walking in a Cookie Wonderland

The holidays are great for a lot of reasons. You get to hang out with your family, you give and receive gifts, and there’s snow (hopefully) to play in. But let’s face it. The best thing about the holidays is that it is socially acceptable to eat everything in sight. Cookies are the best part of this holiday smorgasbord. Cookies ... Read More »

Drink of the Month

Every month, the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point Brewhaus has a drink of the month. This month, the drink is called the Chai’nt Pumpkin. The Chai’nt Pumpkin is a special mixture of chai with steamed milk and espresso with whipped cream and pumpkin spices on top. “I find Chai’nt pumpkin to be a clever and funny name. It’s funny because customers ... Read More »

Hard To Find Cuisine… Found.

Walking into Kristin’s Riverwalk at 1140 Clark Street, you’re immediately greeted by wooded accents and dim lights. The peninsula style bar runs along the entrance, leading you to the dining area where customers dine on the made-from-scratch fare.  The menu features a base of options as well as in season options that owner Kristin Mertis proudly exclaimed is made using ... Read More »


One bad apple ruins the bunch is the old adage. One bad restaurant ruins almost the entire reputation of an entire culture’s food.  That being said, Mexican food and its derivatives have gotten a bad rap because of fast food places selling Americanized pieces of culture, a dollar for a taco.   As a kid, I thought tacos were the ... Read More »

Tuna: The Steak of the Sea

I sometimes get a feeling when I’m grocery shopping that I’m forgetting something. As I check my list and check the cart I realize that I have everything, but my heart feels like there is a hole that a mystery food can fill. So when I finally get the car loaded up with the groceries I’ve purchased, it dawns on ... Read More »

Cue the Quiche

Ever wonder what to do with that extra piecrust that’s lying around? I’m being disingenuous because I certainly never have had a piecrust lying around. Though if you did, you can create the crown jewel of the ‘anytime food’ empire, the quiche.   Why is a quiche so darn cool? Well for one thing, it’s French by name and German ... Read More »

My First Taste of New York City

Upon first arrival in a big city, it is customary to shake with fear at all the sights and sounds that are truly uncustomary for a young boy from the Midwest. It wasn’t until I sat down in a grubby looking pizzeria with a plate in front of me that I finally calmed down.  It wasn’t the famous, huge New ... Read More »

Homemade Granola: an On-the-Go Snack

With spring around the corner comes the promise of clean roads and trails for cyclists, runners, hikers and all outdoor enthusiasts that have been patiently waiting for a whiff of fresh spring air. Personally, I’ve been waiting for beautiful roads with no snow in sight. I can’t wait for the breeze to go through the slats on my bicycle helmet ... Read More »

‘Nanner Bread

When I go to the grocery store, I always buy bananas. I buy a couple pounds because, when I’m at the store, I think that I’ll eat a ton of bananas. However, more often than not, I’m left with brown bananas, shriveling up in their peel. At this point there’s only one thing to do with those bananas, and that’s ... Read More »