Food and Drink

Tofu and You

As a child, I didn’t accept the fact that humans weren’t carnivorous. I didn’t know that vegetables weren’t out to poison me.  It took me quite a few years to understand that there are some people that didn’t eat like I liked to eat and now in college, I’ve actually made friends with some of “them.” They are, gasp, vegetarians! ... Read More »

Cheesecake: It’s what’s for dessert

Since the Ancient Greeks over 2,700 years ago, the cheesecake has been pleasing taste buds all over the world. Cheesecakes come in all forms, from graham cracker crusts to sponge cake, flavored with berries and fruit to chocolate, made with cream cheese, ricotta or quark. The sheer amount of options will make almost anyone happy, but usually no one is ... Read More »

In Pursuit of Perfectly Cooked Pasta

If you’ve ever watched an Italian themed cooking show, you’ve probably heard the words “al dente” in regards to cooking pasta. The etymology of al dente comes from the Italian phrase “to the tooth,” which refers to the firmness of the pasta and the necessity to chew through the cooked pasta. Basically, al dente refers to a point where pasta ... Read More »

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

‘Tis the season for giving and receiving, friends and family, toy soldiers and nutcrackers, ice skating and snow angels, snowmen and snowwomen. Not to mention all the holiday specials on the television. The nostalgic monster deep inside of me awakens after the first snowfall, feeds on my goose bumps as I remember the presents I received years ago. Remember the ... Read More »

Cooking With What You Have

A conundrum that I frequently have while in the kitchen, usually when I run out of groceries, is deciding what to make for dinner while hardly having anything to cook with. I open cupboard doors and let my eyes scour the shelves for some sort of inspiration. There are good times and bad times, times where I feel I make ... Read More »

Curry: The Multinational Dish of Awesome

Curry. The mere mention of the name creates tremors in my stomach and a warm feeling spread to my tongue. It is in curry’s name I have suffered through a blindingly spicy, ridiculously delicious Indian curry and summited the flavor peaks of Mount Delectable Thai Green Curry. What I’m trying to say: curry is amazing. If you’re a bit unsure ... Read More »

How to Eat Healthy with a Meal Plan

To college students, maintaining a balanced diet is important in providing the energy and nutrients to do physical activity, handling loads of homework and maintaining a healthy body weight. To balance a busy schedule and to avoid gaining the infamous “freshman 15,” try following these tips to eat healthy with a meal plan. •Don’t drink your calories It can be ... Read More »