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Album Review – Kidz Bop

The Kidz Bop Kids have done it again. They recently released “Kidz Bop 34” in January of this year. The very first “Kidz Bop” album dropped in 2001. Sixteen years later and they are still producing top notch, highly sexualized and adult themed music. The very first album featured popular chart topping hits from the 90’s and whatever was released ... Read More »

Tree Psychologists: The Loraxes of Today

Interdisciplinary majors will be offered by the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point beginning in the fall of 2017. Interdisciplinary majors are a new concept developed by the university in response to the increased demand for interdisciplinary studies. The bachelor’s of science in tree psychology will be at the forefront of this cutting-edge new curriculum. The major is a cross between Stevens ... Read More »

Triggered Snowflakes Finally Give Up

After a long-fought battle for equality, social justice activists have decided to throw in the towel. The constant pressure from strangers on social media has successfully stifled the voices of those who do not look like they would appear in a Hitler wet dream. Marvin Luther-King, freshman sociology major, said, “After being called a ‘triggered snowflake’ on Facebook, my mind ... Read More »

Hillary Clinton Makes Last-Ditch Effort for Presidency

Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential nominee, just announced her intentions to run for president of the Student Government Association. SGA at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is holding elections next week for a new president and vice president, but Clinton has not strapped down a VP running-mate yet. “She asked me to run with ... Read More »

Student Undecided on Swipe or Dawg Dollars for $3.66 Purchase

On Friday, March 24 around 10:45 p.m., freshman undeclared major Jason Jaysin was reported contemplating using a meal swipe or dawg dollars on a purchase of $3.66 at Lower Debot. With only fifteen minutes to closing, Lower Debot was quite busy. Jaysin was about second in line when he decided to do some mental math about what he was going ... Read More »

Find Yourself in the Wicker Huts with Psych 101

Recent students of a psychology 101 class at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are offering counseling services to supplement the efforts by Delzell Hall. Kurt Safflower, sophomore fungal society major, is taking the charge on opening the services to other students. “There has been so much stress on campus, you know, and my classmates thought we could help by just ... Read More »

Wisconsin Loses Dairy Credibility

Wisconsin residents will no longer wear cheeseheads, tour cheese factories, visit dairy farms or drink milk again. Holding the title of “America’s Dairy State” since the 1700’s, Wisconsin finally lost its dairy credibility to California. The news came as shock to the entire country. America’s new dairy state will now be California because all cows have migrated to California to ... Read More »

Chancellor Proposes Pipeline to Run Through UWSP Campus

Last week University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Chancellor Bernie Patterson unveiled the next project to proceed the construction of the new science building. The Pointer Pipeline will start construction next semester according to Patterson. “With everyone concerned about segregated fees and various budget cuts, we’ve decided the best step forward for the campus would be a pipeline,” said Patterson. The ... Read More »

Chancellor Ran Out by Angry Mob

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student body, staff and community are in an uproar over the recent scandal of a private email server being utilized by the university’s chancellor. Staff and students at the university are automatically provided a “.edu” account through the university to ensure nothing except another channel to receive junk mail and Toppers Pizza coupons through. “I do ... Read More »

Booty Work: Left Field, Right Field

With the beginning of spring and April raining down upon the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s campus, this time of year also brings the season of booty-licious baseball watching. What most students snooping for the best vantage point may not realize, is that the most effective way to get butt-close and personal isn’t face flat against the fences on the field, ... Read More »