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Review: ‘Sharp Objects’ not so Sharp

I thought I would like this book, I really did, but from page one of “Sharp Objects” I knew it wasn’t going to be as amazing as I heard it was going to be. Granted, most of the hype was about “Gone Girl” but I thought a different book by Gillian Flynn with less hype wouldn’t annoy me so much. ... Read More »

Humans of Point: Kyra Kornely

Kyra Kornely is a junior clinical lab science major. What company or franchise do you wish would go out of business? “McDonald’s. I don’t like fast food.” What is the most annoying habit a professor can have? “When they talk when they spit.” What was the most amazing sunset or sunrise you’ve seen? “Yesterday, it was setting on the Wisconsin ... Read More »

Humans of Point: Paul Grosskopf

Paul Grosskopf is a senior English major. What company or franchise do you wish would go out of business? “I’m torn, I wanna say EA because they’re the Darth Vader of video games but at the same time they control everything I love.” What is the most annoying habit a professor can have? “I don’t like it when professors give ... Read More »

Music Department Will Miss Professor Patrick Miles

With his retirement approaching at the end of the semester, Professor Patrick Miles conducted one of his final performances as the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Director of Orchestral Activities on Friday, April 22, in front of a sold-out audience. Playing the horn since ninth grade, Miles found his passion for music at a young age. He described how his family ... Read More »

Stories of an American Scouser

As I sit here looking at the calendar I am in disbelief at how quickly my study abroad experience has gone. I have less than three weeks left in this amazing country and city. Wait… what? Only three weeks left to explore new places and discover breathtaking sites. Only three weeks left to spend with the incredible international friends I’ve ... Read More »

Acting and Muscial Theatre Seniors Take on New York

Graduating seniors in the acting and musical theatre department are going to New York as part of senior showcase project. To end the course Theatre 497: Senior Project, students travel to New York and audition for leading agents and casting directors in an exciting introduction to New York City and the professional world at Pearl Studios. They will leave on ... Read More »

Students Collaborate, Offer Perspective with ‘Lost and Found’

Students are coming together to create a theatrical performance unlike any other on campus with this year’s fringe festival. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Players Artistic Alliance is producing their annual fringe festival: a production consisting completely of original, student work. This year’s title and theme is “Lost and Found.” The production consists of six original plays, a dance piece ... Read More »

UWSP Proud of Pride Week

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance let their rainbow flags fly during Pride Week, hosting different events to celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual culture. The week consisted of speakers, documentaries, a singles auction, a prom and a drag show which coordinated to cater to those of all genders and sexual orientation, especially Pride Prom. Jonathan Hill, senior biology major and ... Read More »

Humans of Point: Joe Kluetz

Joe Kluetz is a senior psychology major with human services emphasis. Who inspires you the most? “I’m going to keep it kind of broad for that. I’m going to say comedians. They can get away with saying things many other people can’t. Very insightful.” What is your favorite restaurant in Stevens Point/ Plover/ Whiting area? “A part of me says ... Read More »