Arts and Entertainment

BFA Exhibitions Held at Carlsten Art Gallery

Graduating art majors present examples of their work in a variety of media at the Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition to fulfill their graduation requirement. The BFA Exhibitions were held in the Carlsten Art Gallery, located on the second floor of the Noel Fine Arts Center April 24 through May 3 with a closing reception April 30. Art 491 students ... Read More »

Animation Revamped with a Side of Live-Action

There’s something exciting and nostalgic about turning on the TV and having a favorite childhood show come on. A recent trend in entertainment has been to remake classic TV shows and movies college students watched in their youth. The past few years have welcomed reboots of cartoons such as The Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack. Nickelodeon has announced a film ... Read More »

Centertainment Hosts a Hawaiian Night Diversion

On Thursday night in the Dreyfus University Center, calming ukulele tunes mixing with the smell of Hawaiian pizza could be discovered coming out of the Encore. Centertainment Productions hosted a Hawaiian Night for University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point on April 20 for students to enjoy a break from their studies. Tess Tranel, junior music education major and travel and leisure coordinator ... Read More »

Humans Of Point

Hunter Waslicki is a sophomore computer information systems and web and digital media development major. If you could share one piece of advice with your past self, what would it be and why? To apply myself more instead of just coasting through all my work because I have always been told I’m really smart and everything comes pretty easy to me. ... Read More »

Fashion and Business: Featuring Quyen Hom

In the age of the internet, social media and business go hand in hand. With this budding frontier of professional innovation, many students are eager to garner as much information from those who have the know-how. The Public Relations Student Society of America at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is organizing an event for just that. Quyen Hom, small business ... Read More »

Discussing 13th: Popcorn, Panels and Perspective

The Black Student Union hosted a showing of the documentary, 13th, on Tuesday night in collaboration with Sigma Delta Rho and Sigma Tau Delta. The film investigated the social and political repercussions on the African American community in the wake of the abolishment of slavery by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. After the showing, there was a panel of ... Read More »

Album Review: Corinne Bailey Rae – The Heart Speaks In Whispers

Corinne Bailey Rae recently released her third studio album, “The Heart Speaks in Whispers,” in 2016. Bailey Rae is a British R&B artist originally from Leeds, England. Her debut into the music world was over a decade ago with her self-titled album in 2006, which earned her a Grammy nomination at the beginning of her career. Between each of her ... Read More »

Put Your Middle School Recorder To Use

Centertainment’s first ever jam session invites musicians of all instruments to collaborate with others for a casual night of musical improvisation. Bringing any instrument such as a ukulele, harmonica, guitar, piano, accordion, cajon, recorder or didgeridoo is encouraged. Bridget Pintz, senior arts management major and alternative sounds coordinator for Centertainment, created the event to provide a space where musicians with ... Read More »

Have Sex on the Mind?

On Thursday night Heather Molenda-Figueria, assistant professor at the department of psychology, hosted a lecture that every student on campus has questions about: “The Psychology of Sex.” All 14 rows within the Dreyfus University Center’s theater were full to understand the psychology of sex, attraction and arousal. “Sexual orientation is the direction of a person’s sexual feelings,” stated Molenda-Figueria at the ... Read More »

Humans Of Point

Victoria Philippon is a senior elementary education major. Do you believe in any superstitions like Ouija boards, ghosts, Bloody Mary etc. If so, what are they? I don’t believe in any types of superstitions like the ones you described. I’m a very skeptical person by nature. I like to see things with my own eyes before I believe them, and ... Read More »