Arts and Entertainment

Centertainment Presents: Lost Boys Collective

  The Lost Boys Collective reunited back in Stevens Point for Centertainment’s first show of spring semester.   Performances by: Emmitt James Nibs Durr tombo Nic Gauer acidyouth   Video by Brian Davila IG @wildboy_brian Read More »

Humans of Point: Zoe Zi Wei Thompson-Eagan

Zoe Zi Wei Thompson-Eagan is a senior history major spotted on the first floor of the library. Do you prefer snowy or rainy days more and why? “Rainy days because, as I always say, ‘they’re cuddly and cozy days.'” What is your favorite winter memory? “Probably when you’re a kid and you wake up and it’s a snow day.” How ... Read More »

Humans of Point: Andrew Sprutta

Andrew Sprutta is a senior natural research management and conservation biologist spotted walking though the library. Do you prefer snowy or rainy days more and why? “Snow, to go skiing.” What is your favorite winter memory? “Winter camping in Slovenia.” How do you pass the time in winter? “Skiing, downhill, cross country and spilling coffee on myself.” What was the ... Read More »

Review: ‘Sanctuary Bay’ Dangerous to Start

Meet Sarah: she’s a foster child, saw her mother die before her eyes and heard her father get shot. She is poor, has basically no luck at all except her hyperthymesia, a perfect memory which isn’t exactly a blessing. Then she gets a scholarship to an elite private school off the coast of Maine with a total immersion program- meaning ... Read More »

Oscar Diversity Issue Not so Black and White

It is hard enough as it is to take hashtag activism seriously, but many of the #OscarsSoWhite crowd are making it even harder. Now this isn’t going to be some piece about how the Oscars are fine as they are and how actors of color simply need to work harder if they want to earn nominations. Hollywood absolutely has a ... Read More »

Arts Bash Flourishes in Winter Weather

Arts Bash has continued to grow and improve throughout the years and has built it’s reputation as one of the most anticipated events of the winter at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The event is a fundraiser for departments in the College of Fine Arts and Communications where students benefit. All proceeds are used to fund scholarships for students studying ... Read More »

Tuba Christmas Makes Michelsen Merry and Bright

Holiday cheer will be coming to campus with the Department of Music’s Tuba Christmas concert that annually features low brass instruments – primarily tuba and euphonium – playing traditional holiday tunes. Nick Verheyen, junior instrumental music education and music literature major, is one of several music students performing in the concert. As a trombone player, this event gives him the ... Read More »