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Modern Warfare 3: A How-To

Video games are often the best option we have when we want to escape from this dark and depressing world. They allow us to release tension, focus on something less trivial, and hone skills that can serve us for the rest of our lives. However, video games can often become so engrossing the player can become addicted and obsessed. They ... Read More »

Capturing the Moment

Accomplished film directors do not only appear in Hollywood, as demonstrated this past weekend at the 6th annual Central Wisconsin Film Festival. The festival included award winning independent films from short films, to documentaries and feature films. Each of these productions were picked from submissions based on quality filmmaking craft, uniqueness of concept and vision, original subject matter, entertaining stories ... Read More »

Curry: The Multinational Dish of Awesome

Curry. The mere mention of the name creates tremors in my stomach and a warm feeling spread to my tongue. It is in curry’s name I have suffered through a blindingly spicy, ridiculously delicious Indian curry and summited the flavor peaks of Mount Delectable Thai Green Curry. What I’m trying to say: curry is amazing. If you’re a bit unsure ... Read More »

You never know who you might see in London!

London is in the top 20 largest cities in the world. This city is so diverse there is always someone new that you can meet. You never know in London, you might just pass shoulder to shoulder with someone famous. You can always hang out with Will and Kate like you see me doing. Just kidding, they are look-a-likes. There ... Read More »

Scarbocchio featuring work of UWSP student

The Scarabocchio Art Museum in downtown Stevens Point will be featuring art from one of UWSP’s own starting this month. Alexander Landerman, a senior at UWSP, will be holding his exhibit from Nov. 1 to Dec. 19. Landerman’s exhibit is entitled “FAUNA: New Work by Alexander Landerman.”  His artist statement explains that his current work uses contrast, gestural line work ... Read More »

“Thoroughly Modern Millie”: Opening Soon

Tap dancing, 1920s glam, musical numbers, and comedy is coming to Jenkins Theatre this month with “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. After seven weeks of rehearsal, the UW-Stevens Point Department of Theatre and Dance will debut their musical performance mid-November. The musical is about a small town girl named Millie Dillmount who moves to New York City with high hopes of marrying ... Read More »

Stop Trying to Ruin the Happiest Movies on Earth

“A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no, or where to go or say, we’re only dreaming…” Now that I have that song stuck in your head as well as your attention, it’s time for me to address something important: Disney movies. Everyone has seen a Disney movie, if not all of ... Read More »

The Extended Point Gathering Space- A New Perfrormance Space

Basking in the beauty of the woods, designer Korrin Lohmann and carpenter Adam Valesano, both of Minneapolis, Minnesota, spent four weeks in Stevens Point this past June creating the Extended Point Gathering Space–one of the newest additions to the Stevens Point Sculpture Park. Before creating the new performance space, Lohmann and Valesano explored the sculpture park, created a concept rooted ... Read More »

Magic in the Encore

Friday, Centertainment Productions hosted Magic: The Gathering tournament in the Encore where students threw down their gauntlets and battled each other with their cards instead of fists. Magic: The Gathering is the biggest trading card game in the world, where collectable cards meet strategy and a bit of luck. There is even a professional level for Magic, which boasts hundreds ... Read More »