New Emoji Grading System Implemented on Campus

A new grading scale will be put into effect beginning Friday, April 1. In an effort to advance grading into the 21st Century, students’ grades will now come in the form of emojis. These emojis will range from heart-eyed faces to a pile of poop. Instead of having a range of letters, there will be a range of emojis, which ... Read More »

UWSP Approves Race Walking as Newest Varsity Sport

With Rio de Janeiro hosting the 2016 Olympic Games this summer, there has been an overwhelming interest in new sports for UWSP students to participate in, with the utmost interest being in race walking. Last fall, UWSP students polled to choose which new sport they thought should be added to the Pointer varsity athletics roster and race walking passed with ... Read More »

Students Have Beef With Vegan Meal Plan

Starting in the fall of 2016, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will only provide vegan food options at all campus dining locations. The switch was not founded on the ideals of animal rights, instead the reasoning behind this meal plan is due to the positive health and environmental benefits of vegan diets. Veganism and vegetarianism often get confused, vegetarian diets do ... Read More »

Greek Life Receives Four Million Dollars

A donation of four million dollars has been made by Millennium Insurance to further develop Greek life on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus. This donation has gotten mixed reviews from UWSP students, faculty, staff and community members. “Students in Greek life have high GPAs and seem to be more involved on campus compared to the rest of the student ... Read More »

Protective Services Report: 03/28/16

Monday, March 28: Female called to report a lost teddy bear. She stated there was a party last night, but does not remember anyone taking Tubby the Teddy Bear. Career Services staff wanted to talk to an officer about a student wanting to do an “odd” job.   Tuesday, March 29: Custodial staff called at 11:07 p.m. because they heard ... Read More »

Campus Coffee Ban Causes Outrage

Students on campus have been seen sleeping, screaming and crying in classrooms this past week and it is not because of their homework or exams. On March 28, Chancellor Bernie Patterson issued a ban on coffee consumption throughout the entire UWSP campus. The ban comes as a result of a Facebook quiz that the chancellor took titled “What Ridiculous Ban ... Read More »

DeBot Finally Begins to Deliver

Last semester students became increasingly frustrated with the long commute they have to endure in order to eat a proper meal on campus. Upper and Lower DeBot have been receiving major backlash in recent months, because students are tired of trekking across campus to eat. Lower DeBot, in response to the backlash, will begin delivering food to students in residence ... Read More »

Facing More Budget Issues, all UWSP Courses Become Online-Only

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is about to solve its budget issues once and for all. As part of a sweeping new initiative co-authored by Chancellor Bernie Patterson and Governor Scott Walker, all UWSP classes will be going online-only in the fall semester. The university and the state of Wisconsin are set to save millions of dollars with this one ... Read More »

Campus Greenhouses are Growing “Green”

A new initiative on campus is allowing marijuana to be grown in campus greenhouses. Starting next semester, cannabis will be grown and used for medicinal purposes, educational practices and culinary consumption.The school signed off on the bill last month to allow its legality, and the marijuana seeds have been purchased for planting. Students will be involved in monitoring how the ... Read More »

Skip Days Hope to Enhance Productivity

Four new holidays have been added to the calendar for the 2016 fall semester, all of which are called Skip Day, and one can be taken for every year a student has been enrolled. College is a stressful time for everyone and students skip class for a variety of reasons including laziness, sleep, brown bag flu and other homework. After ... Read More »