I’m not funny, at least not in the hahaha she’s hilarious and should be a stand-up comedian way at least. …Maybe in the Meg Ryan, slightly neurotic sort of way. You know, where she is just a blithering idiot running around with her head cut off and slightly dysfunctional but still pretty kick-ass all at the same time. I guess ... Read More »

Custodial Staff Enters Third Day of Strike

The university’s Academic Custodial Work Unit has disbanded and is participating in an active strike until their demands are properly met. For several months custodial staff has filed many complaints about their overwhelming duties and lack of resources. The staff believes that two shifts is not enough time to complete all their assigned duties. Steve Edseth, Academic Custodial Supervisor and ... Read More »

Animals Now Allowed in Residential Halls

Chancellor Bernie Patterson has released a new policy stating students can now have animals in the residential halls. A petition was signed by all the students and presented to the Student Government Association. At first it was rejected as there were concerns about safety and cleanliness. After amending the petition to include a requirement that students must have a single room or live in the ... Read More »

Puppy Monkey Baby Running Rampant in Schmeeckle Reserve

According to multiple eyewitness reports, a puppy monkey baby has been spotted running around Schmeeckle Reserve. Along with wearing a diaper, the puppy monkey baby is said to have a pug’s face, a monkey’s upper body and tail and a baby’s lower body. The first report of the puppy monkey baby came on March 21 from Michael Scott, regional manager ... Read More »

UWSP’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Ryan Kernosky

Ryan Kernosky, student government extraordinaire and The Pointer’s own personal expert travel agent, is being recognized as the university’s premier specimen of a male partner. University Relations and Communications released a statement recently announcing his rise to stardom on the next season of “The Bachelor.” The female population on campus immediately donned their most charming ensembles and headed toward the ... Read More »

Midwestern Style Staple Awakens Fashion Legend

A sock bun without the sock, baggy sweatpants, logo sweatshirts, Ugg boots and a Starbucks cup in hand describes the timeless look that epitomizes college fashion in the Midwest. From year one to year four, but let’s face that there will probably be a fifth year too, the look carries University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point women through classes, dinners at Debot ... Read More »

Obese Squirrel Sues Debot

Phil Squeaker, resident of Schmeecklee Reserve, is suing the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Debot dining center for jeopardizing his health. Squeaker, 3, weighs nearly 3 pounds and is claiming the dining center did not properly disclose information on the scraps left about the property. “No one told me what I was eating,” Squeaker said. “I just assumed the chips must have fallen ... Read More »

#TheDress Causes Divorce

A single image of a dress has not only mesmerized the nation, but caused newlyweds Amanda Lewis and Jeffery Clark to get divorced after a heated disagreement on the color of the dress. According to Lewis, the body-con dress is blue and black, while Clark sees the dress as gold and white. Both had received an e-mail from their mutual ... Read More »

Women Look to ’50 Shades of Grey’ for Dating Advice

“50 Shades of Grey” swept the globe with its exemplary ideals of healthy relationships and sex lives. Women across the world have taken notice and have begun applying its dating how-to’s to their own lives. Local Amelia Bomcamp has taken an enthusiastic approach to real-life applications of the book and motion picture. “After I saw the movie, I immediately dumped my boyfriend,” ... Read More »

Students and Faculty Support Mascot Change

Beginning the 2015 fall semester, students at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will no longer be considered Pointers. The result of a recent campus-wide poll influenced UWSP to change its mascot from a pointer to a squirrel. The poll’s outcome proved the majority of students and faculty feel a squirrel better represents the university. Eighty-five percent of those who participated in ... Read More »