Students Implement New Sport

With the Curling Association being the only sport to survive budget cuts, students around campus created a Rowing Club  that all can join and are using available resources to keep it alive. “Sometimes we practice in some of the puddles around campus,” said senior President Ima Paddle. “With all the snow melting they’re the size of small lakes anyway.” The ... Read More »

New Budget Cuts Athletics

The worst fear of many has come as athletics have been cut at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The news came as a shock to the community as the men’s basketball team has just won its fourth national championship, and men’s hockey had advanced to the Frozen Four. “This comes as a huge surprise to us,” said Athletic Director Daron ... Read More »

Pointlife Editor Goes Insane

While I was writing my articles this week for Pointlife, I became fed up and threw my notebook at my computer. In addition to writing human interest stories, I was applying for jobs, taking a D2L quiz that was due in 30 minutes, planning my life up until I was 80 and trying to cook pasta. Finally, I broke down ... Read More »

Exotic Spring Getaways Found Locally

College students seeking exotic spring vacations found Central Wisconsin particularly enjoyable during the 2015 spring break at the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point. Local bars remained open for business despite less than desirable temperatures and general lack of student presence. Businesses employed students for the week and some employees were able to maintain their pale, winter skin by working indoors. “Partners ... Read More »

The Pointer and UWSP Administrators Create The Leek

At The Pointer, we strive to provide campus with the most accurate news and information possible. However, we understand that as a weekly publication run by students, we don’t always get information out as fast, as accurately or as happily as we should. We’ve been working hard to solve this problem and to better our coverage of campus. I am ... Read More »

Marijuana Major Promises Higher Education

With the looming threat of Governor Scott Walker’s budget cuts, campus officials have decided to make green by growing green. Next fall will see the official formation of the marijuana studies major. Students will have the opportunity to enroll in a litany of new classes including covert botany, bong-crafting and a whole class dedicated to movies that align in interesting ... Read More »

Hill Says GBye to AP Style

Journo Prof. Steve Hill announced 2day that he won’t B teaching AP Style to his journo students starting this fall. W/ new changes in tech., AP Style is not the way 2 go anymore. Txting has taken over the realm of the writing comm., and UWSP is joining the trend. Students seem 2 B happy w/ the change being made ... Read More »

FYS to Offer More Than 700 New Titles, Students Flock and Excite

After a new change of heart, Gov. Scott Walker has proposed millions of dollars in additional funding for First-Year Seminar courses at all state university campuses. Each campus will be able to roll out approximately 700 new classes, and Walker hopes more will be added in years to come. Courses will include titles such as How to Tie Your Shoes: The ... Read More »

April Fools’ Spring Break Protective Services Report

Sunday: A group of rowdy students eager to start their own 8 a.m. class was detained. Monday: A working student called to complain that fellow students were having too much fun working for DSC. Tuesday: A group of squirrels was arrested for conspiring a violent protest against Gov. Walker’s proposed reduction of campus wildlife. Wednesday: Gov. Scott Walker called to ... Read More »