90FM Album Review – The Beets – Let the Poison Out

Right out the gate with this album you get a wave of rock and roll, folkish indie straight to the dome. This new album has very uplifting, groovy, rhythmic sections that have you rocking back and fourth like a metronome. The style is very much it’s own. I, personally have a difficult time even likening it to other bands.  However, ... Read More »

Thoroughly Modern Millie: A Review

Goodness! If you’re looking for a sing-songy tap-dancing good time, Millie is the one for you. Thoroughly Modern Millie is a musical about a young woman’s quest for monetary love in the Big Apple, but what she finds is not what she’s looking for. The leading lady Millie Dillamount, played by Allegra Berglund, has everything a leading lady should have: ... Read More »

Modern Warfare 3: A How-To

Video games are often the best option we have when we want to escape from this dark and depressing world. They allow us to release tension, focus on something less trivial, and hone skills that can serve us for the rest of our lives. However, video games can often become so engrossing the player can become addicted and obsessed. They ... Read More »

Handsome Furs’ “Sound Kapital”: A Review

Handsome Furs brings electronic punk to an entirely new level with a strong indie feel. Thinking of MGMT and Joy Division having a baby is almost a picture-perfect way to describe their tone. Edgy without the hardcore, indie without the confusion. It stays within the confines of a heavily synthed, up-beat electronic style added with tons of effects and sounds ... Read More »

The Ides of March: Review

There is no subtlety in the title of George Clooney’s terrific new directing effort, The Ides of March, a direct allusion to the day Caesar was betrayed by senators, including his close friend Brutus. Yes, Ides is a story of betrayal, hypocrisy and of the politicians who have run this country (and every other province, empire, etc.) from the beginning ... Read More »