Album Review: Don’t Let the Kids Win

Julia Jacklin’s debut album “Don’t Let the Kids Win,” is a collection of songs highlighting electric and acoustic guitar with an Indie Pop and Alternative feel. Jacklin depicts the hardships and joyful times of love in all shapes, ranging from relationships to family love. Her lyrics in certain songs have a sad undertone about real problems, whether it is drugs ... Read More »

Album Review: Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit

Royal Canoe’s latest album, “Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit,” is an album with different sounds that anyone could get into. Each song on the 12 track album has a unique sound that will have you tapping your feet. These tunes are incredibly catchy and have great dance beats.  The electronic bass beats are all different and give ... Read More »

Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:’ The Boy-Who-Lived’s Epic Return To The Shelves

Author J.K. Rowling, of the seven-part book series Harry Potter, has caused a magical stir of emotions within her fan base with her recent release of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” The original arc of the novels followed the wizarding teenage boy and his best friends through a coming of age story based around themes of defeating dark forces, ... Read More »

Review: ‘The Poison Artist’

After the last murder mystery I read I wanted something happier, something where no one dies, something motivational. Apparently my mind wanted more murder mysteries because those were the only books I found interesting when I was looking for a new book. Thankfully, “The Poison Artist” by Jonathan Moore redeemed the genre from the last book I read. Dr. Caleb ... Read More »

Review: ‘Sharp Objects’ not so Sharp

I thought I would like this book, I really did, but from page one of “Sharp Objects” I knew it wasn’t going to be as amazing as I heard it was going to be. Granted, most of the hype was about “Gone Girl” but I thought a different book by Gillian Flynn with less hype wouldn’t annoy me so much. ... Read More »

‘The Jungle Book’ Marks a New Chapter for Remakes

The art of the remake may be evolving to the next level, and Disney may be a huge part of that. Last year’s “Cinderella” directed by Kenneth Branagh was a pleasant surprise, a loyal yet innovative remake that added to what the original film had done rather than taking away from or distorting it. This year’s “The Jungle Book” directed ... Read More »

Review: The Living, Breathing Folklore of ‘Never Alone’

Since I was very little, I have been in love with folktales and as I’ve grown older I’ve become increasingly fascinated by them. As opposed to other forms of storytelling, folktales have a kind of life to them. This stems from the fact that many of these stories are rooted in the oral tradition, and as a result are directly ... Read More »

Review: ‘Me Before You’

At one point, I threw this book across my bed, was thinking incoherently and wishing everything could have ended up the way I wanted it to. In a way, I was basically reacting the same way the main character did. This novel follows Louisa, a woman who comes from a poor family and is forced to take on a job ... Read More »

Review: ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’

It is a rare gem that makes me want to read a book from beginning to end in one sitting, but I did just that with “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.” This novel is about Greg, who is forced to reunite with a girl he used to know because she is dying of cancer. Greg is less than ... Read More »