Review: Waking Up in “Coma”

Despite the fact that video games are an interactive medium, I often find myself put off by games that don’t provide enough structure. It could be that the past few years as a college student have made me less liberal with my free time, and the idea of making a seemingly infinite commitment to a game like “Minecraft” seems horrifying ... Read More »

Music Review: “Tell Me I’m Pretty” By Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant, a Kentucky alternative rock band, recently came out with their fourth album titled “Tell Me I’m Pretty.” This new album had a different development process than previous ones because it was produced by Dan Auerbach, of The Black Keys. In this new album, we see how the band has grown musically by adding elements of classic blues ... Read More »

‘Zootopia’ Speaks Volumes about Our Nature

“Zootopia” may end up meaning more to you than it will to most children. The kids are going to have a great time. They will have plenty of laughs and excitement. They will cheer with delight and quote all of their favorite lines until their parents go insane. But you might just find yourself doing something far different. You might ... Read More »

Music Review: ‘Leave Me Alone’ by Hinds

“Leave Me Alone” is the debut full-length album from the Madrid-based band Hinds, formerly named Deers. Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote on vocals and guitar, Ade Martin on bass, and Amber Grimbergen on drums make up this surf-rock outfit. “Leave Me Alone” is a story of young love and misadventures, with everything from on-again-off-again romance to getting high in a ... Read More »

Review: ‘Illuminae’ A New Twist on the Future

My attention was drawn to this book by the assumption it would be a quick read. “Illuminae” by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff was a great idea but it dragged on without fully explaining anything. In 2575 the planet Kerenza is attacked by BioTech. The remaining survivors board three different spaceships as one of the BioTech spaceships follows after them. ... Read More »

Music Review- Car Seat Headrest

Matador Records recently gained one of the shinier gems of the contemporary lo-fi scene: Car Seat Headrest, the project of Will Toledo, a young and introspective singer songwriter. Car Seat’s debut studio album, “Teens of Style,” has a professionally recorded feel, but Toledo didn’t stray far from his past. “Teens of Style” maintains classic lo-fi tropes, fuzzy vocals and guitar, ... Read More »

‘The Witch’ Is a Must-See, Warts and All

Ever since the likes of “Hocus Pocus,” witches have become more of a source of laughter in cinema than of horror. With the recent release of “The Witch,” things have taken a drastic turn. There are no broomsticks or pointy hats to be found in “The Witch.” This film has no interest in what you would find in a child’s ... Read More »