Study Abroad

Summer Study Abroad Trips Change Student Lives

Photo courtesy of Ali Dickson.

Try living in a foreign place, not knowing the language, tasting new food and consistently being pushed out of your comfort zone. This was the reality for many students as they took a leap of courage to study abroad this summer. Ali Dickson, a senior English major, traveled to Austria with the health and promotion and wellness department. She engaged ... Read More »

International Education United on Campus

UWSP students Melanie Heibler and Emily Tauschek pose in front of the floor to ceiling world map in the new Office of International Education. Photo by Kylie Bridenhagen.

The Office of International Education, once located in the Collins Classroom Center, was often hard to locate, crowded with students, and not effective for presentations. In order to resolve these issues and break the barriers between international and traditional students, the Office of International Education completed a yearlong application process for new space. After approval from the Student Government Association, ... Read More »

Stories of an American Scouser

Me and Ines (another international student) out in Liverpool.
Photo courtesy of Mary Knight

With only six days remaining until I fly back across the pond, there is still one thing left to do. I have been putting it off for as long as possible, but the time has come (cue dramatic pause) for me to pack. I guess packing could be considered a sort of adventure in itself. Trying to fit all the ... Read More »

Stories of an American Scouser

Howth, Ireland

As I sit here looking at the calendar I am in disbelief at how quickly my study abroad experience has gone. I have less than three weeks left in this amazing country and city. Wait… what? Only three weeks left to explore new places and discover breathtaking sites. Only three weeks left to spend with the incredible international friends I’ve ... Read More »

Stories of An American Scouser

Mary in front of the John Lennon Wall in Prague.
Photo courtesy of Mary Knight.

Since I started college, I have always wanted to have one of those crazy, sun-soaked spring breaks filled with plenty of relaxation. However, finding a beach or even the sun in a Wisconsin March can be pretty difficult. Being abroad in the UK this semester, my dreams of an epic spring break have finally been fulfilled. My break travels started in ... Read More »

Stories of an American Scouser

Photo courtesy of Mary Knight

If someone asked me what my favorite part of studying abroad is, it would definitely take some time for me to decide because the experience has been exciting and unpredictable so far. However if I had to choose, I would have to go with the incredible people I have met studying here in Liverpool.  I have been fortunate to connect and bond ... Read More »

Stories of an American Scouser


Over the past month, I have been blessed in achieving two, significant bucket list goals of mine: travel and visit the historic and stunning cities of Paris and London. With accordion players along the river and street painters and patisseries around every corner, Paris was more romantic than I had imagined. We even saw a proposal on the Pont des ... Read More »

Stories of an American Scouser

In Paris, France

Anyone who knows me – even somewhat well – has witnessed my pathetic ability to make decisions. Everything from choosing which scarf matches best with an ensemble to deciding between a latte or cappuccino always ends up being a long, arduous process. As we all know, college is full of those daunting life decisions. When they began presenting themselves to ... Read More »

Stories of an American Scouser


As I began my college search in high school, I knew studying abroad was an experience I needed to have. Having traveled to many locations around the United States during my childhood, I felt ready to conquer another country. London was the dream location, of course, mostly because of my infatuation with the monarchy and Harry Potter. However, running some ... Read More »

From Tourist, To Traveler

Sophie and her roommate are excited before the race.

The more I travel, the more obvious it becomes that things almost never go according to plan. When my roommate and I decided to sign up for a coastal half-marathon in Wales, we imagined ourselves gallivanting effortlessly down a beach while a warm sunset peaked behind rolling hills in the distance. As you may have guessed, this was not how ... Read More »