Study Abroad

From Tourist, To Traveler

The more I travel, the more obvious it becomes that things almost never go according to plan. When my roommate and I decided to sign up for a coastal half-marathon in Wales, we imagined ourselves gallivanting effortlessly down a beach while a warm sunset peaked behind rolling hills in the distance. As you may have guessed, this was not how ... Read More »

From Tourist, to Traveler

As a kid, I remember listening feverishly to my dad tell stories of when he hitch hiked around the United States. After graduating high school at 17, he left home and went all the way from Indiana to California, thanks to the kindness of strangers. Well, most of them were kind. Regardless, when I heard his stories of broken down ... Read More »

UWSP Student Goes Beyond Study Abroad Program to Grow in Craft, Self

Many musical theatre and acting majors embarked on a study abroad adventure this summer to study theatre in London. After learning more about theater history and seeing numerous live shows, the students made their way back home to the United States. But not Sam Skalbeck. Skalbeck decided to extend his adventure by partaking in a dance intensive in Barcelona. He spent ... Read More »

From Tourist, To Traveler

When I was a junior in high school, an adorable, absolutely hilarious Belgium girl named Graci came to study at my school. During her year in America we became good friends, so when it came time for her to go back to Belgium we promised to keep in touch. We made a point of reaching out to one another periodically ... Read More »

From Tourist, To Traveler

After spending three nights and two short days in Ireland, I managed to meet two strangers whose talk of travel, time and money is still spinning in my head. The first was a 35-year-old Brazilian man who I sat next to on the bus from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher. He explained to me that in Brazil, each employee ... Read More »

From Tourist, To Traveller

We need to talk about something very dear to my heart. This topic can often be overlooked, but today we won’t miss what’s on everyone’s mind. Food. The culinary delights I’ve experienced in London will go down in my mind as some of the most impeccable meals I’ve ever had. Before I delve into explaining the importance of trying new food ... Read More »

From Tourist to Traveler

This past week, I spent my days exploring the ancient Roman baths, eating three-course meals three times a day and enjoying the deliciously-liberal city of Brighton. With a group of 19 women and one lonesome boy, we began a week-long entry tour filled with tours of cathedrals, castles and historical landmarks scattered across England. Bathe was the first stop on ... Read More »

From London, With Love

Drumming my fingers on the counter of an upscale London hotel, a million things are running through my mind. How could our taxi driver bring us to the wrong hotel? On top of that, why would I agree to pile my luggage into a separate taxi entrusting that the other driver would simply “meet us there”? After landing in London, my University ... Read More »

From London With Love

Unfortunately, this will be my last update from London. I fly home April 18 and that definitely feels bittersweet. I had been preparing for this program since my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Now that it is over, and I graduate next month, I am proud of myself for what I accomplished and would not take a ... Read More »

From Oxford With Love

My week-long spring break ended Tuesday, and I was lucky enough to spend Easter weekend with my mother in the city I was born in. My mother joined the Air Force in 1992. After basic training and technical school, she was stationed at the Royal Air Force base in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire. That was where she met my father, who was also ... Read More »