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From Northern Ireland with Love

This weekend I took a break from London and headed for the coast of Northern Ireland. At the moment my boyfriend is visiting me, so we are doing a bit of traveling while he is here. Our flight from London Stansted left at 7 a.m., so we had a bit of a sleepy day. During our cab ride to Coleraine, ... Read More »

From London With Love

Before I left for London, I thought I was going to be dreadfully lonely. This fear sparked something new in me: independence. I have always been an introvert, and it is difficult for me to connect with people. I have a few close friends, but I generally do not like spending my evenings at large social gatherings because they drain my ... Read More »

From London With Love

Since I am over halfway done with my semester abroad, I can say with sincerity it will be hard for me to leave this country and my internship. I work for Verge Magazine which has a small handful of paid staff with most content coming from contributors, who come from all sorts of backgrounds. Some are overseas expats like me and ... Read More »

From London With Love

Last week, I celebrated a holiday that America must embrace and one I’d celebrate everyday if I could. I’m talking about Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day. The origins of Pancake Day are quite simple: Shrove Tuesday has been around for centuries. It is the  Tuesday that precedes Ash Wednesday and Lent. Pancakes were and continue to be the staple of this ... Read More »

The London Underground

Before coming to London I had heard of the London Underground. Everyone has heard of the London Underground. In my mind this famous form of public transportation was a damp cavernous tunnel system only to be attempted with a backpack containing enough food for a few days and a sleeping bag. As a girl from a small New Hampshire town ... Read More »

Always Talk to the Taxi Driver – Commentary

Courtney Gonnering is a University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student studying at Hope University in Liverpool, England for the Fall 2013 semester. Here’s a quick lowdown on English life: Everyone over the age of 40 will call you “love.” They don’t actually love you and it’s not meant to be weird. Tea does not always mean the drink. Tea is also ... Read More »

International Antarctic Center

Christchurch, New Zealand is home to the International Antarctic Centre. In the early 1900’s many of the expeditions to Antarctica departed from the city of Christchurch. Today Christchurch is still considered to be one of the gateways to Antarctica, with hundreds of flights leaving for the cold continent every year. At only 1500 miles (2500km) away New Zealand is the ... Read More »

Irony in Germany

Greetings once again from Poland! Today’s small life lesson actually comes from Berlin. For those that don’t know, during the Poland trip, we get a week off to travel anywhere we choose. My friend Nate and I chose to visit Berlin during that time. It was an amazing trip, with not enough days and hours to do everything you would ... Read More »

Student Lands Awesome Internship

Megan Van Sambeek, a junior double majoring in International Studies and Spanish at the UW-Stevens Point, recently received a 10-week internship through the U.S. State Department Bureau. “My internship is with the U.S. Department of State. I will be working in the American Embassy in Montevideo, Uruguay,” VanSambeek said. VanSambeek’s internship will begin in January 2013. She will be in ... Read More »

The Fifth of November

Remember, remember the fifth of November… and so I shall. The Fifth of November, better known as Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night, is celebrated throughout London each year in celebration of the foiled plot to blow up Parliament by Guy Fawkes in 1605. I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in the festivities this past Monday night with others ... Read More »