Study Abroad

Irony in Germany

Greetings once again from Poland!  Today’s small life lesson actually comes from Berlin.  For those that don’t know, during the Poland trip, we get a week off to travel anywhere we choose.  My friend Nate and I chose to visit Berlin during that time.  It was an amazing trip, with not enough days and hours to do everything you would ... Read More »

A Closer Look at International Programs

International Programs offers the students of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point the chance to take their education outside of Wisconsin, and gain global experience in the classroom and workplace. “I think it would be good for every American to get out of America. On a broad ranging scope as to what is good I think if every American ... Read More »

Visiting London, England by Rebecca Sutherland

OCTOBER 1, 2012 It is October; autumn is officially here. This means crisp evenings walking through crunchy leaves while sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. In Wisconsin, that is. London is an entirely different story. It is wet and rainy and still a bit too warm to comfortably cuddle up on one’s favorite fall sweater, mostly because it ... Read More »

Cuba: Once So Far Now So Near

For the first time ever students of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are being offered the opportu­nity to study abroad in Cuba. Through a new program, “The Cuban Revolution”, students will travel to Cuba for two weeks, from January 6-20, 2013. Students will spend most of their time in Havana where they will visit art and history museums, an organic ... Read More »

London’s Like That: Observations from a Student Abroad

Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Velázquez. No, this isn’t a list of the artists I need to brush up on (no pun intended) for an art history class. It’s a list of the artists whose works I’ve seen in London. In one day. In one museum. There’s one word to describe how I felt when I ventured into London’s National ... Read More »

London’s Like That- Observations from a Student Abroad

“Shoe and boot repairs…how quaint!” That was my first thought upon seeing the many shops scattered around London advertising their footwear-fixing specials. In this throwaway day and age, I figured Londoners would be more inclined to just buy a new pair of shoes than bother to repair the old ones. However, when I noticed that the heels of my boots ... Read More »

London’s Like That

Four weeks ago, I left Wisconsin behind me and sped through the night on a jet to London with the optimistic thought that, although I was travelling to an unknown place 4,000 miles from home, at least the people there would speak the same language as me. Now that I’m actually in the city of double-decker buses and endless coffee ... Read More »

So Much to See, So Little Time

While some students slept in late, worked, spent time with loved ones, or watched TV over break, others were camping in the mountains and watching the New Years Eve fireworks in Sydney, Australia. These adventures overseas were a part of the winterim program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. These three week experiences are a unique and convenient way to ... Read More »

You never know who you might see in London!

London is in the top 20 largest cities in the world. This city is so diverse there is always someone new that you can meet. You never know in London, you might just pass shoulder to shoulder with someone famous. You can always hang out with Will and Kate like you see me doing. Just kidding, they are look-a-likes. There ... Read More »