Pointer Profile: Herpetology Society

  Ever wonder who takes care of the animals in the TNR Vivarium? In this Pointer Profile, the Herpetology Society explains their involvement within the campus and community, while bringing together students that share a love of herpetology. Carly Caputa Multimedia Reporter Read More »

Pointer Profile: SACS

Located right off campus, the Campus Garden brings students together to tend to its contents. Watched after by the Sustainability Agriculture in Community Society, the group also promotes local and sustainable agriculture throughout the community. Carly Caputa Multimedia Reporter Read More »

We Must Love One Another

To bring awareness to bullying, Zach Halliwell produced and directed the video ‘We Must Love One Another’.  Halliwell’s videos can be found on the YouTube channel WolfSpirit201. Thousands of people around the world are bullied every day over their real or perceived sexual identity. To escape the pain of being bullied many resort to ending their life because they feel ... Read More »