Bison Back in Canada’s Banff National Park

A herd of wild bison has been reintroduced to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada. This is the first time bison have roamed the countryside since their near extinction in the 19th century. Overhunting brought a population of over 30 million bison in Canada to the brink of extinction. In order to save the species, the Canadian government purchased one ... Read More »

Rhode Island Carbon Tax Could Protect Environment and Local Economy

As a coastal state, Rhode Island could soon see the devastating effects of climate change. In response, some Rhode Island lawmakers recognize their state’s imminent danger and have introduced a proposal to tax carbon polluters. The proposed bill, referred to as Energize Rhode Island, would create a fund for clean energy and jobs with some of the revenue from the ... Read More »

First Winter Farmers’ Market a Success

The Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market will have the last day of its first season on March 25. During the summer, Stevens Point has a thriving farmers’ market that fills the Square downtown with local farmers and hungry shoppers. In the past when winter rolled around the market was closed for the season. This year, Stevens Point held its ... Read More »

Minimizing Waste on the Go

In an effort to decrease waste, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s dining services offers reusable containers for students to take their food on the go. The program called Green on the Go provides students with the opportunity to make a one-time purchase for a reusable container. The container costs six dollars, upon purchasing the container students will receive a card ... Read More »

Tesla Co-founder Set to Speak at MREA’s Energy Fair

The latest innovations in clean energy will be brought to thousands of people this summer in Custer, Wisconsin and at the center of it all will be JB Straubel and the Tesla company. Straubel, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Tesla will deliver a keynote address on the mainstage in celebration of the 28th annual Energy Fair.  Tesla is a ... Read More »

Local Farmer in Legal Battle Over Stream Reclamation Efforts

When does conservation need the status quo and when does it need a shake up? With the lawsuit between the Isherwood Farms LLC and the Portage County Drainage Board that question has come into play. Don Isherwood of Isherwood Farms has modified a drainage ditch to create a faster-moving stream channel for trout habitat. Isherwood has placed small pine trees ... Read More »

Trump Administration Overturns Stream Protection Rule

On Feb. 16, President Trump signed the Stream Protection Rule out of existence. A repeal which was voted for by the Senate and House of Representatives earlier in the month. The rule had only just been passed in December during the final weeks of Obama’s presidency. The Obama administration had high hopes for the legislation. In December, the Department of ... Read More »

Wisconsin Energy Company Plans to Build Solar Farm

Wisconsin is taking a step towards using renewable energy sources as the biggest solar energy center in the state is now in the works to be built. Regional utility provider, Wisconsin Public Power Inc. or WPPI, announced Jan. 30 that it will partner with NextEra Energy Resources to build a solar energy center in Two Rivers. WPPI will buy solar ... Read More »

Pulling Back the Curtain on Campus Coal

Last spring the Office of Sustainability announced that the university obtains 100 percent of its electricity from renewable resources. However, electricity is not the only energy needed on campus. Heating is the other requirement and at the moment the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s heat source is not renewable. Cold Wisconsin winters require a lot of energy to warm buildings. This ... Read More »

Campus Is In Clear, EPA in Fear

President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled house have moved forward in their effort to ‘terminate’ the Environmental Protection Agency through funding cuts and staff removal. The nomination of Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA  put environmentalists on edge. Pruitt’s name is linked with 14 lawsuits against the agency he now heads. The EPA has impacted the United State’s carbon ... Read More »