Students Responsible for Water Waste on Campus

Wasting water on campus is an area of huge concern. When the irrigation system is seen going off while it is raining, the image the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has as an eco-friendly campus is damaged. There are issues with the sprinklers on campus when it comes to wasting water, but the biggest ones may not be what is expected. ... Read More »

Top Climate Scientist Discusses New Book: The Madhouse Effect

On Oct. 10 the Stevens Point Chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby worked with 350 club to have Michael E. Mann give a video call presentation on his new book, “The Madhouse Effect”. Micheal E. Mann is a professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University. He has written three books on climate change. The most recent of which is “The ... Read More »

Wisconsin Welcomes New Bat Species

Wisconsin biologists have recently discovered an evening bat population in the southern part of the state. This is the first new species of bat that has been discovered in the state for 62 years. Mara Braun, senior wildlife ecology major, said, “The evening bat’s range has always ended near the Illinois-Wisconsin border so it’s not too surprising that they made ... Read More »

Solar Tour Encourages Sustainability

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association was host to the Solar Tour this past Saturday, Oct. 1. The Solar Tour is a self-guided tour that allows people to enter both homes and businesses across all of Wisconsin in order for them to “demonstrate and share strategies for energy-efficiency and renewable energy,” as shown on The Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s website. Here in Stevens Point, ... Read More »

Voters Go Green

After Senator Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic Party nomination, many of his followers have been reluctant to join former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Some have decided to vote for Senator Gary Johnson, a Libertarian. While others have decided to not vote at all. But there has been a large surge of Bernie supporters offering their support to the Green ... Read More »

SGA Sponsors Bike Share Program on Campus

Students can rent a bicycle for the school year much like text book rental by signing a contract with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Student Government Association. Robert Abrahamian, SGA Environmental and Sustainability Affairs Director, said “roughly 30 percent of students at UWSP bike to campus or around the city.” Currently, SGA has 25 bikes available for rental, so supply ... Read More »

Student Government Fabricates New T-shirt Standards

Student Government Organization passed a resolution called the “Student Government Association Sustainable Clothing Statute.” The statute mandates Student Government to only place t-shirt orders through socially responsible retailers. The shirts are required to meet two of the three approved factors to be deemed as a socially responsible product. The clothing must be organic, fair trade or made in the United ... Read More »

Conservation at Work

The Giant Panda is no longer considered endangered due to conservation efforts around the world. Since 1984 the Panda has been on the endangered species list, but as of Sept. 4, they no longer are. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources announced that the Panda is now listed as Vulnerable after its population has increased due ... Read More »

Campus Garden Tries Cob Construction

Students for Sustainability is working on a project in the campus garden to construct a bench in the garden out of a material called cob. Cob is an ancient type of building material consisting of sand, soil, straw and water. The mixture is shaped into structures by being packed down and allowed to dry. When dry, cob is as hard ... Read More »

Mission for Clean Water

The fourth annual Walk for Water happened Saturday, Sep. 17 in Iverson Park to raise both money and awareness for clean water in Africa. The MaKah Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises money to install water pump wells in Cameroon. The Walk for Water is an event where participants are asked to walk a distance in order to fill ... Read More »