Positive Outcome of Emerald Ash Borer

Ash trees occupy the field of Old Main. Photo by Colton Oltesvig.

Originally discovered in Detroit, the emerald ash borer beetle was first found in the Stevens Point area in 2002. “It’s a big deal now, it was a big deal in 2002. We just know more,” said Rich Hauer, professor of urban forestry. Essentially, anyone can identify emerald ash borer. The key identifying items to look for are woodpecker holes, lightly colored ... Read More »

Oil, Environment and Water, Oh My!

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

The Dakota Access Pipeline, or DAPL, is the most controversial environmental issue in the news right now, but what exactly is it and why should we care? DAPL is a proposed underground pipeline meant to connect the oil fields of North Dakota to the Gulf Coast. The DAPL pipeline facts website explains that it would stretch 1,172 miles through North Dakota, South ... Read More »

Pokémon Goes Outside

Photo courtesy of www.cnet.com

Pokémon Go was released in July of this year and millions of people are itching to catch ‘em all, but what are the impacts of such a popular app bringing people outside? Parks are now popular destinations for Pokémon hunters. Even at National Park Service sites, there have been large influxes of Pokémon trainers. Players are going outside, even if ... Read More »

Federal Disaster Status in Northern Wisconsin

Photo by Colton Oltesvig.

Eight counties in northern Wisconsin have been given a Federal Disaster Declaration this summer due to flooding. Damages from the events have exceeded $25 million according to the Wisconsin Public Radio website. Flooding, road and bridge damage and power outages left some areas severely crippled when an intense wind storm struck just days after the initial flooding began. This is ... Read More »

National Park Service Celebrates 100 Years in Action

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Bayfield, Wis. is joining in on the Centennial celebration. Photo by Genevieve Adamski.

This year, the National Park Service is celebrating 100 years of service. The United States’ National Parks are a source of pride for the Nation. We are a younger country, and while we don’t have ancient castles or churches to tour, our pride lies within the land. Our wild areas are like nothing found in Europe. The first National Park, ... Read More »

UWSP Campus Garden Celebrates a Decade of Growth

Photo by Colton Oltesvig.

This fall, the Campus Garden will celebrate its 10th anniversary as part of the Stevens Point community. Started back in 2006, the Campus Garden was founded by a group of students looking to create more sustainability activities for themselves and others on campus. The garden, located on Franklin Street across from the Stevens Point Fire Department, is now managed by ... Read More »

Farmshed and Local Restaurants Serve Up Sustainability

Photo by Kylie Bridenhagen.

Central Rivers Farmshed partnered with the owner of El Jefe’s Tacos Y Tequila, On Sept. 3, to do a local food demonstration at the farmer’s market in downtown Stevens Point. The Restaurant, El Jefe’s Tacos Y Tequila, had their chef come out to the farmer’s market to show local food preparation in action. El Jefe’s, Father Fat’s and Christian’s Bistro ... Read More »

Land Conservation Society Rooting for Habitat Preservation

Photo by Genevieve Adamski

On Wednesday, Apr. 27 the Land Conservation Society drove out to a preserved, private piece of land near Amherst to remove invasive species. Doug Henderson is a retired psychology professor from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and he owns the land which the student group was doing restoration work on. His land is part of the North Central Conservancy Trust. ... Read More »

Youth Sue Government For Environmental Neglect

Photo courtesy of sfltimes.com

A lawsuit has been filed against the federal government by 21 young people in Oregon. The group, ranging in age from eight to twenty-one years old, brought the case to their state supreme court where it was approved to be reviewed by the federal court. The main reason behind the lawsuit is that the group believes the government isn’t doing ... Read More »