Hartleb Receives Grant For Aquaponics Research

A $50,000 grant from the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents will fund faculty and student aquaponics research at a UW-Stevens Point facility during summer 2015. Dr. Chris Hartleb, and four other UW faculty members, received grant funding as part of the UW Regent Scholar award: given to individuals who provide innovative student research with a focus on creating economic opportunities ... Read More »

Student Employs Creativity in Environmental Education

Janet Moore, a graduate student in environmental education and interpretation, now uses 2D art to enhance her nature writing. Science and art are both visual fields relying on acute observations in order to further understand and portray messages. They share a rich history, from the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci to modern day botanical illustrations, that display an intense intermingling of science ... Read More »

Ice Fishing Safety and Success

Anglers are easily spotted during summer by their telltale baseball caps and severe sunburn, but ice fishing is a pastime to be endured – enjoyed, even – by many each winter. There are many practical ways to stay skilled during the plummeting temperatures. “Once college bass fishing tournaments roll around in the spring, the little bit I am able to get ... Read More »

From Stevens Point to Hawaii, a Lesson in Marine Ecology

In the midst of yet another Wisconsin cold snap, biology students enjoyed a southern sun. From Dec. 28, to Jan. 11. Chris Yahnke, an associate professor of biology, and Emmet Judziewicz, a professor of biology, led a group of students to Hawaii as they have each year since 2011. The group stayed on Hawaii Island, or the Big Island, and worked on fencing ... Read More »

Natural Resource Students Begin Summer Job Search

Graduate jobs for students pursuing careers in natural resources are particularly in demand as resource managers plan to hire seasonal employees for summer. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is regarded as one of the best undergraduate natural resource colleges in the country and has a reputation of producing top-notch students equipped with field skills. Dr. Melinda Vokoun, an assistant professor of forestry, ... Read More »

350 Stevens Point Addresses Wisconsin Frac Sand Mines

The controversial petroleum and natural gas pumping process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has strong roots within Wisconsin’s sandy soil. Environmental activist group 350 Stevens Point is drawing attention to sand mines in western Wisconsin that currently hold 75 percent of the frac sand market throughout the United States. During fracking, millions of gallons of fresh water and chemicals are ... Read More »

A Partnership in Bettering the Community

The abandoned greenhouse on Briggs Court has been going through a slow and steady transformation since 2011. Central Rivers Farmshed explains on its website that the Greenhouse Project has been an ongoing endeavor to strengthen the community’s  relationship with food in all forms. The CPS Cafe and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point have long been a part of this project in various ... Read More »

Proposed Expansion of Central Wisconsin Tar Sands Pipeline

Although environmental hazards are often viewed as distant futuristic prospects, students and community members met in the basement of the Portage County library for a presentation and discussion of what the Wisconsin Sierra Club feels is a pressing concern. The discussion was led by the Wisconsin Safe Energy Alliance. “WISE is a coalition of community members, leaders and organizations,” said ... Read More »

Knutzen’s Greenest Resident Leading by Example

Knutzen Hall is known as the Eco Hall, so it is fitting Knutzen is also home to the Greenest Resident on campus. “I’ve always had an environmental background, so this was a good fit,” said junior land use planning major Bailey Matthys. Matthys is in her second semester as Greenest Resident, with one to go. Matthys was inspired by the ... Read More »

Divestment Campaign Gains Traction

On December 1st, the Stevens Point divestment campaign had its first meeting with Chancellor Bernie Patterson to discuss the universities transition to clean energy. Divestment is a technique that was first used in South Africa during apartheid. When institutions investment portfolios are tied up amongst oppressive or destructive companies, they indirectly support the problem. It started when students at universities ... Read More »