CNR Dean Joins the Conservation Hall of Fame

Wisconsin’s Conservation Hall of Fame will be adding a member of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point family this April. Christine Thomas, dean of the College of Natural Resources, will be inducted to the Conservation Hall of Fame along with Hugh Iltis and Milly Zantow. Thomas’s induction is attributed to her hard work in natural resources by not only serving as ... Read More »

Wisconsin Youth Alliance Marches Against Enbridge Pipeline

Students from more than six University of Wisconsin schools hosted the March Against Pipeline Expansion on Saturday, Mar. 4, in Whitewater. The march was a result of efforts from the Wisconsin Youth Network, a relatively new student run organization that spans the UW network including UW-Stevens Point. Zach Jones, natural resources planning major at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, co-founder ... Read More »

Student Diets Could Support Deforestation on Other Side of Globe

Chocolate, granola bars, shampoo and detergent are all seemingly harmless products which often contain palm oil, an ingredient that leads to deforestation and destruction of critical wildlife habitat in Asia. Student diets may be contributing to deforestation, since many packaged foods sold at the convenience dining locations on campus contain palm oil. Few realize that their food choices fuel the ... Read More »

Basement Brewhaus Gives Composting a Shot

The Basement Brewhaus in the Dreyfus University Center will now host a compost bin to keep the food waste out of landfills. The baristas noticed waste from coffee grinds and bagels was getting thrown out daily. The staff wanted to prevent the waste from entering a landfill and so they settled on composting as an option. Courtney Cordova, senior wildlife ... Read More »

Ducks Unlimited Chapter Given Highest Level of Recognition at State Convention

The weekend of Feb. 4 the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point chapter of Ducks Unlimited attended the Wisconsin Ducks Unlimited Convention and received five awards. Among the awards was the prestigious President’s Elite Chapter Award which is the highest recognition a chapter can receive. This award revolves around overall money brought in as a chapter, to raise this money every chapter ... Read More »

Bison Back in Canada’s Banff National Park

A herd of wild bison has been reintroduced to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada. This is the first time bison have roamed the countryside since their near extinction in the 19th century. Overhunting brought a population of over 30 million bison in Canada to the brink of extinction. In order to save the species, the Canadian government purchased one ... Read More »

Rhode Island Carbon Tax Could Protect Environment and Local Economy

As a coastal state, Rhode Island could soon see the devastating effects of climate change. In response, some Rhode Island lawmakers recognize their state’s imminent danger and have introduced a proposal to tax carbon polluters. The proposed bill, referred to as Energize Rhode Island, would create a fund for clean energy and jobs with some of the revenue from the ... Read More »

First Winter Farmers’ Market a Success

The Stevens Point Area Winter Farmers’ Market will have the last day of its first season on March 25. During the summer, Stevens Point has a thriving farmers’ market that fills the Square downtown with local farmers and hungry shoppers. In the past when winter rolled around the market was closed for the season. This year, Stevens Point held its ... Read More »

Minimizing Waste on the Go

In an effort to decrease waste, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s dining services offers reusable containers for students to take their food on the go. The program called Green on the Go provides students with the opportunity to make a one-time purchase for a reusable container. The container costs six dollars, upon purchasing the container students will receive a card ... Read More »

Tesla Co-founder Set to Speak at MREA’s Energy Fair

The latest innovations in clean energy will be brought to thousands of people this summer in Custer, Wisconsin and at the center of it all will be JB Straubel and the Tesla company. Straubel, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Tesla will deliver a keynote address on the mainstage in celebration of the 28th annual Energy Fair.  Tesla is a ... Read More »