Wisconsin Energy Company Plans to Build Solar Farm

A solar panel in full action. Photo courtesy of foresightinvestor.com.

Wisconsin is taking a step towards using renewable energy sources as the biggest solar energy center in the state is now in the works to be built. Regional utility provider, Wisconsin Public Power Inc. or WPPI, announced Jan. 30 that it will partner with NextEra Energy Resources to build a solar energy center in Two Rivers. WPPI will buy solar ... Read More »

Pulling Back the Curtain on Campus Coal

The smoke stack on the north end of campus. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

Last spring the Office of Sustainability announced that the university obtains 100 percent of its electricity from renewable resources. However, electricity is not the only energy needed on campus. Heating is the other requirement and at the moment the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s heat source is not renewable. Cold Wisconsin winters require a lot of energy to warm buildings. This ... Read More »

Campus Is In Clear, EPA in Fear

Nelson Hall is UWSP's office of sustainability. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled house have moved forward in their effort to ‘terminate’ the Environmental Protection Agency through funding cuts and staff removal. The nomination of Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA  put environmentalists on edge. Pruitt’s name is linked with 14 lawsuits against the agency he now heads. The EPA has impacted the United State’s carbon ... Read More »

Prospective Border Wall Threatens Endangered Wildlife

Wild jaguar on the endangered species list. Photo courtesy of outsideonline.com

In January, the heavily debated border wall got one step closer to becoming a reality when President Trump signed an executive order for its immediate construction. The economic and social implications of the wall inflamed disputes from the beginning of Trump’s campaign, but little publicity has been given to its effect on the border region’s wildlife. Shawn Crimmins, professor of ... Read More »

Being Cyclist Friendly is the Point

Stevens Point residents enjoying a nice bike ride. Photo courtesy of travelwisconsin.com

The City of Stevens Point was recently ranked fourth on a list of Wisconsin cities with the most citizens biking to work. The ranked list came from a 2015 American Community Survey on towncharts.com. The city with the highest percent of citizens biking to work was Lake Delton where 8 percent of citizen’s commute by bike. Stevens Point had half ... Read More »

Greenpeace Campaigns to Protect Newly Discovered Amazon Reef

A coral formation in the newly discovered reef in the Amazon. Photo courtesy of inquisitr.com

Greenpeace, an environmentally minded non-government organization, has recently released photos of the newly discovered Amazon Reef in hopes of promoting its protection. The reef was first stumbled upon in 2012, but its existence was only officially announced in April of 2016 in the journal Science. With a size 3,600 square miles and depths that range from about 160 to 330 ... Read More »

Rising Temperatures Match Citizen Uprisings

Pictures of the 2014 Climate March.
Photo courtesy of other98.com.

2016 is officially the hottest year since record keeping began in the 1800s. Even with a La Niña event cooling the globe down during the last few months of 2016, the year still broke the record for average global temperatures. Data collected by the NOAA declared that the average global temperature was 1.69 degrees Fahrenheit above the average of 57.2 ... Read More »

Japanese Whaling Spearheads International Controversy

whale meat sold at japan market. Photo courtesy of planetearthherald.com.

Controversy arose last month after photos circulated of a harpooned whale allegedly aboard a Japanese ship in Australia’s Antarctic territorial waters. The incident sparked tension between Australia and Japan, in addition to global attention since there has been a worldwide ban on commercial whaling since 1985. Japan has continued whaling since the ban because they claim that it is for scientific, ... Read More »

What’s Next for the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their supporters opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Photo courtesy of Robyn Beck/Getty Images.

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, President Donald Trump signed executive orders to revive the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines. Construction on the 1,170 mile Dakota Access Pipeline has been on standstill since last year when former President Barack Obama instructed the Army corps to explore other possible route options. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and other Native American groups ... Read More »

Meatless Mondays Diet Impacts Environment

Beef Hamburger | Photo Courtesy of Dalen Dahl

Diet plays a role in climate change, deforestation and water conservation, yet it is an aspect of sustainability which is rarely discussed.  That is why College of Natural Resource seniors Deaken Boggs and Megan Zielke are working with student government to bring Meatless Mondays to Campus. The initiative, which encourages omnivores to go vegetarian one day a week, brings a ... Read More »