Ingredients for a Diverse America

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Though the travel ban and its implied origins met heavy criticism, and protest formed across the United States, the ban is not drastically different from the overall history of the American immigration policy. In K-12 schooling America is often described as the melting pot, the place people of all ethnicities and religions come to live and work together. In contrast ... Read More »

Stevens Point Co-Op Now Managed By Members

The Stevens Point Area Cooperative. Photo courtesy of Dalen Dahl.

The Stevens Point Area Co-Op is under the new management of co-op members. The co-op is a local cooperative style grocery store with a mission of providing high-quality foods for its members at the lowest price possible. Membership entails a 15 percent discount and is available to the public for $40 per household per year. Melissa Haack, collective manager at the ... Read More »

Transgender Visibility Campaign Sheds Light on Important Topics

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As a result of misinformation or lack of information, misconceptions about the transgender community are often made. describes transgender as a term used for individuals whose gender identity is different from those that tend to identify with the sex that they are born with. Michelle Fournier, Gender and Sexuality outreach coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, stresses the ... Read More »

Youth Oppressed and United puts YOU at the Center of Activism

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A girl sits in her dorm room tuning her trumpet when a note is passed underneath her door which reads, “stop your stupid noise, if you want to be noisy like all them other Mexicans go somewhere else.” This true story and many others like it compelled Vanesa Hernandez-Cevallos, sophomore psychology major, and her friend Eimie Vazquez, sophomore sociology major, ... Read More »

Tony Evers Faces Competition in State Superintendent Election

Tony Evers, a candidate for the 26th Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Photo courtesy of

Last week Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the new Secretary of Education but the equivalent position for the state of Wisconsin is up for election this spring. On Feb. 21, candidates will fight for the top two spots to be in the general election in April. There are three main candidates running for office. The incumbent, ... Read More »

The Time to Fight for Public Schooling Is Now

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Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the next Secretary of Education for the United States on Feb. 7. This confirmation has been historical, as the Senate vote was deadlocked at 50 votes for and 50 against, including two Republicans who voted against her. Democrats held a 24-hour filibuster in an attempt to delay the vote and give time for constituents to ... Read More »

SpaceX Plans Human Mission to Mars

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Engineer, entrepreneur and visionary, Elon Musk, hopes he can take humanity to Mars. Musk has had success in his many business ventures, including Tesla Motors, SolarCity and now SpaceX, to name the more popular ones. SpaceX,  founded 14 years ago in California,  is a company devoted to being number-one in the privatized space industry. It became the first organization to ... Read More »

Passing the Baton on Bombs and Torture

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In 21st century presidential administrations, the “peaceful transition of power” now includes a peaceful transition of executive murder. From drone strikes to torture, Barack Obama has made a historic stamp on American foreign policy. Despite President Trump’s anti-interventionist stances on several foreign policy issues, he has been a strong critic of Obama’s Iran deal in 2015. Donald Trump put Iran ... Read More »

Take Control of Your Media

Trump surrounded by his favored media.
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No news source is completely unbiased, nor will they ever truly be. It is up to the reader to think critically about what they see. The media has been criticized harshly by the Trump administration, being called dishonest on a regular basis. It is important to differentiate between websites that propel information on the Internet for the sake of site ... Read More »

What’s Next for the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their supporters opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Photo courtesy of Robyn Beck/Getty Images.

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, President Donald Trump signed executive orders to revive the Dakota Access and Keystone XL oil pipelines. Construction on the 1,170 mile Dakota Access Pipeline has been on standstill since last year when former President Barack Obama instructed the Army corps to explore other possible route options. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and other Native American groups ... Read More »