NASA Discovery Makes Earth Seem Less Unique

Last Wednesday, NASA announced the discovery of a nearby star that has more planets orbiting it than any solar system previously discovered. What’s more is each of the seven planets is considered to be Earth-like. Sebastian Zamfir, associate professor of astronomy said, “There are many planetary systems where there are more than one planet, but seven, this is a first, ... Read More »

Coming Together for the Sake of Resistance

National Strike Day, held on Feb. 17, had many people staying home from work and school to send a message to the Trump administration. Taking place on the last working day before President’s Day, the strike was organized by a group called Strike4Democracy. The associated website,, described the goal of the strike as one of showing dissent for unconstitutional ... Read More »

To Speech His Own

The phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” might need some updating after recent outrage on college campuses. Earlier this month protests turned to riots when Breitbart senior editor and self-proclaimed troll, Milo Yiannopoulos, was asked to speak on campus by the University of California-Berkeley’s College Republicans. Apprehension from the student body was ... Read More »

Metered Parking Continues to Cause Distress

On Jan. 31 the city set up a City Common Council Meeting at the university to give students an opportunity to voice their concerns regarding metered parking and to have their questions answered. Don Vogt, building manager of Prentice Arms Apartments said he understands the need for metered parking but added that the city’s plan is, “targeting the students that ... Read More »

2-1 Vote May Save Wisconsin Elections

A Wisconsin state court case has climbed its way to the top of the judicial totem pole, facing the United States Supreme Court for a verdict on a questionable drawing of Wisconsin voting district lines. A panel of three federal judges in Wisconsin voted 2-1 in favor of a new district map to be drawn by Nov. 2018. Due to ... Read More »

Ingredients for a Diverse America

Though the travel ban and its implied origins met heavy criticism, and protest formed across the United States, the ban is not drastically different from the overall history of the American immigration policy. In K-12 schooling America is often described as the melting pot, the place people of all ethnicities and religions come to live and work together. In contrast ... Read More »

Stevens Point Co-Op Now Managed By Members

The Stevens Point Area Co-Op is under the new management of co-op members. The co-op is a local cooperative style grocery store with a mission of providing high-quality foods for its members at the lowest price possible. Membership entails a 15 percent discount and is available to the public for $40 per household per year. Melissa Haack, collective manager at the ... Read More »

Transgender Visibility Campaign Sheds Light on Important Topics

As a result of misinformation or lack of information, misconceptions about the transgender community are often made. describes transgender as a term used for individuals whose gender identity is different from those that tend to identify with the sex that they are born with. Michelle Fournier, Gender and Sexuality outreach coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, stresses the ... Read More »

Youth Oppressed and United puts YOU at the Center of Activism

A girl sits in her dorm room tuning her trumpet when a note is passed underneath her door which reads, “stop your stupid noise, if you want to be noisy like all them other Mexicans go somewhere else.” This true story and many others like it compelled Vanesa Hernandez-Cevallos, sophomore psychology major, and her friend Eimie Vazquez, sophomore sociology major, ... Read More »

Tony Evers Faces Competition in State Superintendent Election

Last week Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the new Secretary of Education but the equivalent position for the state of Wisconsin is up for election this spring. On Feb. 21, candidates will fight for the top two spots to be in the general election in April. There are three main candidates running for office. The incumbent, ... Read More »