Goodbye Free-Parking, Hello Kiosks

Stevens Point has decided to install parking kiosks near the university and downtown. These kiosks will eliminate most of the convenient free parking in those areas. After a parking study done by a third-party research team, the city voted to fund the installation of fourteen kiosks all servicing twenty-five parking spots each. The kiosks will be positioned within a one ... Read More »

Students Focus on Writing the Troubles Away

After being on a hiatus, the Lincoln Hills Poetry Project, a student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, has resumed working with troubled youth at the Lincoln Hills Juvenile Detention Center in Wisconsin. Leah Trempe, junior English education major, is the vice-president of the organization. According to Trempe, the organization was forced to go on a hiatus because of ... Read More »

Tuition Cuts for UW System Not as Great as They Sound

Governor Scott Walker has proposed a tuition cut for the UW System in the next budget, but it comes with strings attached. Walker has appeared to switch from the trend of continuously cutting state funds to adding support to the System. A tuition cut sounds great to students, but for the sake of the functionality of the System as a whole, ... Read More »

Favorite Study Spots

  As the days in the semester count down, students talk about their favorite spots around campus to study in preparation for finals week. Shay Spatz Multimedia Reporter Read More »

Male Birth Control Study: What You Need to Know

Birth Control for men has been a sensitive topic over the last few months. As prospective hormonal methods have been making their way through human experimental trials, women have become excited at the idea of being able to share the responsibility of long-term birth control with their male partners. The study was focused on a combination-hormonal-injection for men that would ... Read More »

Students Weigh in on Granite Peak Expansion Discussion

As the debate surrounding a proposed $54 million expansion of Granite Peak on Rib Mountain continues, students at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point say they understand both sides of the discussion. Granite Peak officials unveiled plans to expand the ski hill last year, which would add an additional 150 acres to the resort. The company currently leases 385 acres from ... Read More »

Shop Locally for Holiday Gifts that Keep Giving

The best place for students to holiday shop this season is right down the street. The downtown area of Stevens Point is home to many local businesses that are better for both the environment and the community than larger rival companies. Shopping for gifts locally generates 70 percent more economic activity than shopping at a big box store. Downtown Stevens ... Read More »

German Club’s Annual Trip to Christkindlmarket a Success

On Saturday, Dec. 3, 55 students and community members attended German Club’s annual trip to Chicago’s German Christmas market, Christkindlmarket. The trip began at 6 a.m. when the bus left Stevens Point and traveled straight to Chicago.  Once there, students spent the day shopping around the open-air market and experiencing various aspects of German culture. On their way back to ... Read More »

One Birth Control Does Not Fit All

With the looming uncertainty of accessibility and coverage for birth control under the Trump administration, many women are looking to switch to a longer-term birth control option. One long-term birth control option that many women have been gravitating towards is the intrauterine device. According to, the IUD is a device that is inserted into a women’s uterus. The length of ... Read More »

Campus Cab: A Student Savior

Students dread the dreary weather and fear being trapped on campus late into the night, but the campus cab has solved the problem of working around the winter weather. Kate Kistner, junior Spanish and international studies major, is the campus cab manager, a new position created in September. Kistner’s job will hopefully continue the growth and knowledge of the campus ... Read More »