The Year We Almost Ate Garbage

This semester, university senators created a piece of legislation that, if passed, would approve of locally sourced dumpster food to be served on campus. The Student Government Association drafted a piece of legislation proposing the consumption of ‘waste receptacle sourced food’ on campus as safe and environmentally sustainable. All legislature is taken seriously, but this particular piece was written as ... Read More »

Are Supplements Beneficial for You?

Vitamins are essential to our body. Most people obtain them from eating a healthy, well-balanced diet. There are various types of vitamins, and each performs different functions that allow an individual’s body to be healthy and strong. According to Scientific American, humans require thirteen vitamins for survival. They include vitamins A, D, E, K, which are fat soluble and can build ... Read More »

Votecastr Ignites Controversy

This November, Americans will have the opportunity to view the projections of presidential candidates as they are voting on election day. According to, a company called Votecastr will be sharing real-time information about how the candidates are standing on Election Day. The projections are going to focus on the important battleground states, including Wisconsin. Votecastr’s projections will be appearing ... Read More »

Entrepreneurship Club Seeks Untapped Potential in Students

The Entrepreneurship Club at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point  promotes the entrepreneurship mindset and acts as a resource center for students. An entrepreneur is anyone who starts and runs a new business, which typically begins as a small business. Having the entrepreneurship mindset includes having creative ideas and problem solving skills for how to start a new project, product, or ... Read More »

Getting Fit for Free with Group Fitness

  The University Of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has a variety of free group fitness classes offered for students. From Zumba, to Cycling, to Butts N’ Guts, students can find a variety of ways to stay active during their semester. Music: Shay Spatz Multimedia Reporter Read More »

Rapid Flash Beacons Installed on Division and Franklin Street Intersection

A new installation on the Division and Franklin Street intersection is causing confusion for pedestrians and drivers. The recently installed Rapid Flash Beacons are part of the city’s ongoing efforts to keep students safe. Luke Kronstedt, assistant superintendent of streets, said, “The city has been watching that intersection closely for a couple years now and noticed that it is getting ... Read More »

A Cup of Coffee Associated with Health Benefits

Coffee has become a universal drink, as many people have a cup or two throughout the day. Some may say it has supplemental energy, while others simply enjoy the taste. Looking deeply, scientists have been able to determine the benefits of drinking coffee contributes to an individual’s well-being. According to the National Institute of Health, those who drink four or ... Read More »

Wheely Good News for Stevens Point Bicyclists

Stevens Point is on a roll after being offered a grant from the Transportation Alternatives Program to implement bicycle lanes throughout the city, promoting a safer and more efficient way to bike. Accepted on Aug. 29, the grant will allow for 13.16 miles of bike lanes to be installed along popular collector and arterial streets. This will not only benefit ... Read More »

Mental Exercise Just as Important as Physical Exercise

The Health Services Center and Counseling Center work coherently to provide for student needs. Healthy mental habits need to be created and followed on a daily basis. Jen Sorenson, Physicians Assistant Director for Student Health Services, said, “Office visits for mental illnesses have increased from 12 to 18 percent in the last year.” Changes in lifestyle, taking college level courses, ... Read More »