Ducks Unlimited: An Organization Worth Quackin’ About

At its core, Ducks Unlimited is a group dedicated to the conservation, preservation and enhancement of North America’s wetlands. Since its origination in the 1930s, the organization has preserved millions of acres of vital habitat. The group strives to save the wetlands for the wildlife, waterfowl and people who enjoy spending time there. One common misconception that the group faces ... Read More »

India Joins Paris Climate Change Agreement

On Oct. 2, the birthday of India’s former independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, India ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement and joined the largest effort in the world to reduce greenhouse gases. The Paris agreement involves 195 countries and was negotiated last December to create a worldwide reduction in carbon emissions. It will go into effect when enough countries join to ... Read More »

Chancellor Addresses Racial Incidence on Campus

On Sept. 28, Chancellor Bernie Patterson sent out an email to students and staff concerning troubling incidents have been occurring to students of color. “There’s been two or three, maybe more, instances of vehicles – usually pickup trucks of varying descriptions – driving around or through campus and rolling down the window and yelling racial slurs at some of our students of ... Read More »

Is the Increased Speed Limit Worth the Increased Risk?

As of February, Wisconsin driving fatalities have been up 32 percent since last year and are still increasing. Is this a direct result of increased speed limits on many state interstates? Fred Simons, police officer for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Protective Services, believes there is not a single cause for the increase in driving fatalities. “I would have to say ... Read More »

On a Scale from One to Trump, How Scared are You?

Halloween is just around the corner, but one of the scariest things happening lately is Donald Trump campaigning for president. Brad Mapes-Martins, political science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, said that, though there is much controversy over how he would rule as president, Trump is technically qualified to become president. “The qualifications outlined in Article II, Section 1 ... Read More »

How to Be Smart About Moving Off Campus

As the middle of the semester approaches, many students are in the process of searching for off-campus housing for the 2017-2018 school year. If  planning to move off campus, there are some changes and adjustments that students can expect to experience. Ryan Lemmers, junior graphic design major, has been living in the residence halls for three years. For the last two ... Read More »

No Need To Fear, Pointer Alerts Are Here!

Are pointer alerts helpful or do they just create more panic for students and staff on campus? Students and staff receive electronic pointer alerts during a life threatening event or after a dangerous incident on campus. Pointer alerts are only activated if students need to be informed about an event that has the potential to pose immediate harm on campus. ... Read More »

Double or Nothing: Rematch Between Russ Feingold & Ron Johnson

This fall, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not the only ones sparring for a seat in public office. Senator Ron Johnson is facing reelection against former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. The pair faced off in the 2010 election where Ron Johnson won the vote by a slim margin. Johnson has been a champion for conservatives in the senate by ... Read More »

Have You Ever Been Interested in Veganism?

Many new dietary fads have come and gone, but few have remained. Veganism is an emerging lifestyle that has been popularized by various youtubers, celebrities and organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. According to Vegan Action, a vegan is “someone who chooses to avoid using or consuming animal products.” Many vegans choose to not wear animal ... Read More »

Leaked Governor Emails Reveal Underground Political Funding

Just as the 2016 presidential election is causing controversy, our governor has recently been outed as causing controversy for his own elections. Last month, The Guardian leaked around 1,500 emails surrounding governor Scott Walker’s 2012 recall election funding. The emails contained information about how the governor used a network of wealthy individuals to donate generous amounts of funding to his ... Read More »