UW-System Addresses Freedom Of Expression With New Policy

On Oct. 6, the UW-System Board of Regents approved a Commitment to Academic Freedom of Expression policy. This policy was built following past policy changes to set standards for students who may use their free speech to impede the speech of others in ways not congruent with the nature of academic discourse. Throughout the UW-System schools have been struggling with ... Read More »

TLC Ambassadors Promote Learning

The academic year of 2017-2018 brought many new things including the new honors program. The program was first attempted in the 1990s, however it did not see the success the university had hoped. Now, the program has changed some. First and second-year students are eligible to join the new honors program through evaluation of their ACT scores, high school and ... Read More »

For First Time Renters, There’s A Lot of Places Like Home

October is an exciting month for students leasing a new place to call home, however, many first-time renters may be unfamiliar with the renting process or even unsure where to begin. To help students, the Student Government Association hosts an Off-Campus Student Housing Fair every year. This years was held on Oct. 17 and 30. Rich Sommer, of Sommer Property ... Read More »

Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve Embark On New Amphitheater Project

Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve are in the process of constructing a 200-seat amphitheater which will take the place of the existing campfire and stage area. For many, Schmeeckle is an area to take in nature, relax and attend community events. The Candle Light Hike, which occurred on Oct. 27, is one of the increasingly popular events hosted at the Reserve. ... Read More »

Spiked Drinks and Off-Campus Assault: Update

Reports of spiked drinks at off campus parties continue to shake the community of Stevens Point. On the weekend of Sept. 23, two separate groups of students who attended off-campus parties reported that they believed their drinks were drugged. One student reported they were assaulted after consuming this drink. The students reported feelings of extreme intoxication, dizziness, dream-like and sedated ... Read More »

I’ve Got 99 Problems and Parking Shouldn’t Be One!

Many students experience frustration and confusion when it comes to parking on campus. Students that have purchased parking passes for the year are having problems finding parking spots. Roughly 2,000 parking permits sold and only 1,600 parking spaces available. The overselling of parking passes is not new but has once again caused tremendous frustration for students. Some weeks ago, Parking ... Read More »

Graduating Students Can Add One More Thing to Their To-Do List

Students will now have to apply to graduate on AccesSPoint. If seniors received an email telling them about the new “Apply to Graduate” tile in AccesSPoint, they may begin the application process there. Ed Lee, campus registrar, said, “It appears to students who have earned 90 credits.” Lee also said that this process is common and there aren’t many universities ... Read More »

In Other News, New York Times Partnership Dropped

The New York Times subscription was dropped from the College Readership Program this academic year. Last year, the Student Government Association decided to cut the New York Times subscription from the college readership program to save money after a price increase. Jordan Farrell, SGA Budget Director, said, “the price of the New York Times subscription went up by about 43 ... Read More »

Chef Kenny: Helping Students Reach A Healthy Lifestyle

When starting college there are many adjustments that each student might make. A change in a sleep schedule, the amount of studying, and when to eat. However, many do not focus on what they are going to eat and how it will affect their bodies. For many, this results in the “freshman 15” and an unhealthy lifestyle. However, the College ... Read More »

Just inCASE You Didn’t Know about the New SIEO

Two of the universities largest programming units, Campus Activities, and the Student Involvement and Employment Office have merged to create Campus Activities and Student Engagement, CASE. The merge took place when Susan Lebow, the previous Assistant Director of SIEO, took a new position. Due to budget cuts associated with declining enrollment, the decision was made to merge SIEO with Campus ... Read More »