Don’t Tread on Young Americans for Liberty

Steven Macherey is not a Libertarian, but he is the head of a small libertarian group called Young Americans for Liberty on campus. Macherey, senior communication major, became involved with the group to expand his network and meet people who are not satisfied with the status quo. Through the group, he attended a rally in Chicago, and was surprised to ... Read More »

Clothing, Comics and Tea on Clark Street

On April 1, three local businesses located on Clark Street  celebrated their anniversary month by welcoming customers to explore their stores during a block party. Owners of Assembly, Diversi-Tea LLC. and Galaxy Comics, Games & More banded together and helped advertise for one another. Raffle tickets were given to patrons which, once signed by employees at all three locations, could ... Read More »

International Dinner: 47 Years of Making Connections

On Saturday, April 8, students from all over the world united to celebrate diversity at the 47th Annual International Dinner. This year’s dinner theme, “Destinations: Off the Beaten Path,”  was chosen to recognize that some of the most beautiful aspects of a country lie off the beaten path. The dinner is a celebration of the diversity of students who attend ... Read More »

The Pointer Names Successor to Current Editor-in-Chief

The Pointer has chosen Genevieve Adamski, environment editor, to take over as editor-in-chief for the 2017-2018 school year. Adamski is currently a junior natural resources planning major, with an emphasis in social policy sciences and conservation planning, and a sustainable energy minor at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She began working for the publication in January 2016, and has continued to ... Read More »

Students Forced to Stay on Campus Next Year

Living on campus, or at least paying to live on campus, will be required for sophomore students as well as freshman beginning next year. Currently, it is required for traditional freshman students to live in the residence halls for their first year. Although many return to the dorms, a portion of upperclassmen move off-campus in their preceding years of school. ... Read More »

Local Pregnancy Centers Offer Drastically Different Services

On Division Street in Stevens Point, there are two family planning facilities that are dramatically different in the services they provide. Delzell Hall on campus offers family planning services as well, but for varying reasons, Delzell is not always the go-to choice for family planning services. Delzell’s services are also only accessible to those currently enrolled at the university. The first of the ... Read More »

Republican Healthcare Fails Trump’s Administration

On Friday, March 24, following President Trump’s repeated campaign promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as ACA or Obamacare, the GOP Healthcare bill fell through after facing opposition within the Republican party. The bill formally referred to as the American Health Care Act, also known as AHCA or Obamacare-lite, was created to replace the ... Read More »

Clean Water’s Continued Controversy in Portage County

On Thursday, March 30, the second public meeting of the Groundwater Protection Ordinance subcommittee began with a proposition to postpone meetings for several months. The group is a special limited term subcommittee of the Portage County Groundwater Citizen Advisory Committee. The committee is charged with analyzing an ordinance brought to the county by citizens of New Hope. The ordinance aims ... Read More »

Congress Repeals FCC Internet Privacy Rules

Congress voted on March 28 to overturn unimplemented broadband privacy rules created five months ago by the Federal Communications Commission. The rules would have required internet service providers to ask consumers before they collect personal information to be sold and to disclose what data was collected and shared. A repeal means that internet service providers will be able to gather ... Read More »

Controversy Continues over Blood Donation Eligibility

Donating blood helps transfusion recipients receive the blood they need. A lesser known fact is that not everyone is eligible to participate in this act. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point holds two blood drives per semester. The next drive will be held on April 25-26 in the Dreyfus University Center. Each semester two agencies, The Blood Center of Wisconsin and ... Read More »