Davis execution puts justice system on trial


The State of Georgia murdered Troy Davis Wednesday night, a man who was convicted of murdering a police officer in 1989. We use the term murdered instead of executed because that is exactly what the state did to Davis, as there was more than enough doubt of his guilt to not only grant a re-trial but that he was, more ... Read More »

Sundial Redesign in the Works

Photos by Samantha Feld

Students walk on it every day, passing over it while bustling to and from class. Some study on it, some picnic by it, while others nap on its grassy knoll. The Specht, or more affectionately known as The Sundial, is a part of every student’s life. It’s been a meeting place for rallies, a gathering area for group studies – ... Read More »

Professors leave due to budget cuts

Ideograph by Michael Wilson.

They stay at work late to grade our papers, they come to work early to open their offices to us, they’ve dedicated their lives to teaching us about the world we live in, and have spent countless hours guiding each and every one of us though our college careers. But as time progresses they are finding it more and more ... Read More »