New Aquaponics Course offered at UWSP

Chris hartleb, Professor of Fisheries Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and Nelson and Pade, Inc. have joined forces to create a new course offered through UWSP’s continuing education curriculum. The course, “Introduction to Aquaponics,” is a three credit online course with a laboratory portion to take place in late May at Nelson and Pade, Inc.’s demonstration greenhouse. The ... Read More »

Republican Primaries: Still Happening

In Tampa, leaders of the group seeking the Republican Party’s nomination as presidential candidate this coming November exchanged a series of blows during the last debate on Monday, January 23. With four clear candidates, out of the original seven contenders registered at their outset, the first Republican primaries offer a glimpse into the decision that conservative voters will make elsewhere. ... Read More »

North American Main Veins

North American fossil fuels are certainly in a pickle as energy and fossil fuel companies fight tooth and nail to earn an unfathomable amount of pennies from their extraction and sale. At market prices, Alberta, Canada’s 173 billion recoverable barrels of tar sands are worth roughly 1,570 trillion pennies. Keystone XL The Keystone XL pipeline is an export pipeline transporting ... Read More »

Recall Organizers Turn In 1 Million Signatures to Recall Walker

Organizers working to recall Governor Scott Walker turned in over one million signatures last Tuesday, nearly twice as many than they needed, and almost guaranteeing an election sometime later this year. The state’s non-partisan Government Accountability Board, the body that is tasked with overseeing election and campaign finance laws, is now tasked with reviewing the petitions and certifying that the ... Read More »

New Brewmaster Steps Up for Point Brewery

There is a new Brew Master in town, and his name is Gabe Hopkins, giving the Point Brewery a second beer champion under its roof. Hopkins, an Oklahoma native who is a veteran of regional breweries in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, will be working alongside long-time Point Brew Master John Zappa. The addition of a second master will expand the production ... Read More »

UW Board of Regents to Have Regional Distribution

Governor Scott Walker signed a bill on Tuesday, December 6, that gives each of the eight congressional districts a representative member on the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents to help manage and better understand the needs of each UW campus. The statewide student association, the United Council of UW Students (UC), and the UW System Administration both support the ... Read More »

ACLU Files Federal Lawsuit Against Voter ID

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the State of Wisconsin on Tuesday, alleging the voter ID law signed into law by Governor Walker this summer violates the 24th amendment to the U.S. Constitution by imposing a form of a ‘poll tax’ on particular groups of citizens in order to vote. The lawsuit claims the state is imposing ... Read More »

Penokee Controversy

The Florida-based company Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) wishes to mine a vein of iron ore containing more than two billion tons of iron ore in Northern Wisconsin. In order for this to happen current environmental regulations on water quality, which have made mining in this area impossible since the 1970s, must be altered. As controversy over the cultural, environmental and economic ... Read More »

Differential Tuition Passed by 21-3 Student Senate Vote

The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Student Senate voted Thursday, December 8, to approve the differential tuition proposal, the Pointer Compact, giving administrators the go-ahead to carry the plan to the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and the Wisconsin Legislature. If all goes as planned within the Old Main administrators’ timeline, the plan will be in effect by the ... Read More »

Case Study Updates and a New Gassy Nightmare

Throughout the semester this column has discussed many topics, from solar roads to tar sands. Over time those stories developed to become what they were and have developed further to become what they are now. The following is an update on some of these situations as well as a new demon to face: a gassy, rank creature from the depths ... Read More »