Despite coming cuts, UWSP finds funds to renew Old Main cupola

The beacon of UW-Stevens Point on top of the Old Main building has been returned to its historically rich and iconic self, adorned with a new crown. The newly finished cupola on top of the UW-Stevens Point Old Main building was celebrated in a “topping out” ceremony adorning the Weather Vane Saturday, Dec 3rd. A “topping out” ceremony is usually ... Read More »

Biogas Basics

With fermentation technology known about for hundreds, if not thousands of years, we are just now recognizing the potential of biogas. “Enough biogas could be generated in Wisconsin to power about one-third of the state,” said Erik Singsaas, Director of Research for the Wisconsin Institute of Sustainable Technology and Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. In ... Read More »

More than you ever wanted to know about road salts

Road salts, or de-icing salts, are the invisible, silent warriors that battle day in and day out, keeping snow and ice accumulation at bay, and the streets clear and safe for travel. These heroes all perform the same task- -lowering the melting temperature of ice. “We go through over 160 yards of rock salt a year to keep the sidewalks ... Read More »

Lawsuit Brought Against New Voter ID Bill

The United Council of UW Students has joined the League of Women Voters in their lawsuit against the implementation of the new Voter Identification bill that was passed this summer. The new law requires all voters to provide a valid form of ID to election officials, as well as lengthening the residency requirements from 10 to 28 days. The League ... Read More »

OccuPoint Occupies

Stevens Point community members occupied the streets of Stevens Point, chanting, “We are the 99%.” November 17 was called the National Day of Action, and Occupy groups around the country, including member of the Stevens Point community, engaged in demonstrations where many chose to Occupy decaying bridges to symbolize, what Occupy organizations described as the failure to put millions back ... Read More »

Students Reject Pointer Compact by 2:1, SGA survey says

Of the total 1,000 students who voted in the Student Government Association (SGA) survey about the differential tuition proposal, 39 percent, or 392 students, said “no” when asked if they supported the Pointer Compact. The Compact would raise tuition to University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point students by $648 annually for campus operations, an increase above the UW Board of ... Read More »

Recall Effort Kicks Off with Success in Madison

On Saturday, November 19, a Recall Kickoff Rally was held at the Capitol Building in downtown Madison to mobilize supporters of the recall and gather signatures. The effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker has started off with over 300,000 signatures collected in the first 12 days, or 1,040 every hour. At least 540,206 signatures are needed to force a recall ... Read More »

‘Poster Girl’ Tells Vets’ Stories of PTSD

Robynn Murray was the poster girl of women in the military. She served as a machine gunner in the Iraq War and took on responsibilities reserved for the bravest of soldiers. But like many soldiers, she also found herself coping with the crushing effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) upon her return home. Robynn is the star of the Oscar-nominated ... Read More »

Veteran’s Club Honors Fellow Vets’ Sacrifices

November 11 is a day that, each year, the nation takes a step back from the monotony of everyday life and gives thanks to the men and women who step up and serve our country in the nation’s military. The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point’s Veterans Club showed their appreciation for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice by participating ... Read More »

WIST and Integrated Paper Services Reach Understanding

​”The agreement is between the Wisconsin Institute of Sustainable Technology (WIST) or essentially the university, and Integrated Paper Services, Inc. (IPS) to jointly market and operate services to the paper industry using the pilot paper machine and associated equipment with that machine,” said Paul Fowler, executive director of WIST. According to www.IPStesting. com, “Integrated Paper Services, Inc. is an independent ... Read More »