Veterans Share Diverse War Experiences in Discussion

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and Mid-State Technical College (MSTC) have put together a series of public events entitled “Visions of War” to share the experiences of United States veterans. The free to the public collaboration opened Monday, Nov. 7, on the MSTC campus with a panel discussion. Four guest speakers who fought in various wars throughout recent history shared ... Read More »

Race-based grant qualifications to change

In the Wisconsin State Assembly last week, an amendment was put forth that would remove race as a requirement for Talent Incentive Program grants. The proposed amendment immediately drew support for Republicans and fire from Democrats. The Talent Incentive Program is a $4.4 million program that offers grants between $600 and $1800 to underprivileged students who are attending college in ... Read More »

Wisconsin Energy Outlook

How and from where do Wisconsinites get their electricity? Or as electricity junkies of the future will say, “Where’d you get those electrons, Rufus?” Wisconsin currently gets 60 percent of its electricity from coal. The majority (80 percent) of that coal is shipped in by railcar from Wyoming. Wisconsin’s coal consumption is just above the national average.  The second largest ... Read More »

Israel prepares a military strike on Iran, warning international community

Israel’s minister of defense, Ehud Barak, who is reportedly seeking cabinet support for a military strike against Iran, announced on Tuesday during an Israel Radio broadcast that if attacked, Israel’s home casualties would amount to no more than 500. The escalating rhetoric of war from Israeli officials is taken as a warning that the international community must prevent Iran’s access ... Read More »

Students and Swing States to Decide Next Election

If there was ever a year for Wisconsin college students to step up and be sure to vote for who they want to be president, next year is it. With predictions of a close presidential race already being made by Gallup, Wisconsin will be one of the major battlegrounds. Wisconsin is one of 12 “swing” states whose ultimate leaning towards ... Read More »

State Budget Lapse Hurts UW-Stevens Point

On October 14 the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point was informed that the UW System will be required to make up a large portion of the $174.3 million state budget lapse being implemented by the Department of Administration (DOA) for 2011-13. Unlike budget cuts, which come before money is given to universities by the state, budget lapses require funds to be ... Read More »

Retain Our Retention Rates

As the ninth top public school in the Midwest, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has drawn quite a bit of attention lately. According to the Policy Analysis & Planning fact book (a collection of retention rates here at UWSP), there has been an 8.9 percent increase in retention of first to second year students and a 1,000-student increase in enrollment ... Read More »

Dean Thomas awarded Conservation Medal

Christine Thomas, Dean of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources, has been awarded the National Society for the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) 2011 Conservation Medal and Award at the 120th Continental Congress Gala Awards Ceremony in Washington D.C. Dean Thomas was nominated for this recognition by the Stevens Point chapter of NSDAR. This award goes ... Read More »

Broadcasters Prepare for First Ever National Emergency Test

This Wednesday, television and radio broadcasters will conduct a test. It will only be a test. On November 9 at 2:00 p.m. EST, the Emergency Alert System (EAS) will conduct its first-ever nationwide test on all radio and television stations. This test will interrupt programming for three minutes. Emergency broadcasting has existed under different names. The first system, CONELRAD, was ... Read More »

Heavy with Debt – Loan Burden to Ease on Students, Obama Says

President Obama has revealed his new “Know Before You Owe” financial aid program last week, which will make student loans easier to repay and more affordable. The Occupy Wall Street movement has brought forth overwhelming student debt as a key issue to solve, and in response the president will put this new plan into effect with his executive powers. “Student ... Read More »