Galentine’s Day: No Boys Allowed

When I think back to grade school, Valentine’s Day was one of the best days of the year. I looked forward to it the second the post-Christmas buzz wore off. Now that I’m in college (and single), my feelings have completely changed. For a while, I was confused why my opinion toward this holiday of love had shifted. If the ... Read More »

Who’s Ya Daddy? Not Me.

While I was eating lunch and checking my emails, I found that my financial aid was being revised for the upcoming spring 2017-18 semester. Apparently I missed some child support payments on a kid I didn’t have. The email was sent from the financial aid office simply informed me my award was changing. It said, “The financial aid office has ... Read More »

Students: Own Your Education

“Education is not a product. The students are not customers. The professors are not tools. The university is not a factory,” declare signs taped to faculty office doors in the Christopher Collins Classroom Center. We all want to believe this, but the evidence around us shows we can’t. And this means that students how have to start taking a much ... Read More »

From One Vegetarian to Another: Getting Through the Holidays

It’s that time of year again for vegetarians, when we brace for interrogations on our lifestyle choices and get ready to load up on a few extra servings of mashed potatoes at holiday gatherings. In my meat-and-potatoes kind of family, the turkey missing from my plate has caused plenty of explaining about my life-style choices and personal philosophy.  It has ... Read More »

Resturant review of Wicked Willow LLC

To tell you the truth, I was a little nervous when I was asked to try vegan food. I knew a little bit about veganism but not really enough to see what the food was like and I never really thought I’d enjoy the food. The restaurant Wicked Willow LLC is nestled in the downtown area of Stevens Point. Inside, ... Read More »

Swastika Vandalism in Pfiffner Pioneer Park

A good friend of mine told me she saw a swastika drawn on the sidewalk in Pfiffner Pioneer Park while on her morning walk. Some may see a symbol of hate and be able to just brush it off and continue with life. I wish I had that privilege. That atrocious assortment of lines represents the destruction of too many ... Read More »

Stevens Point, my Second Home

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I was a stranger to big lots of land and unaware that people ate fried fish on Fridays. Living close to a metropolitan area, I was familiar with utilizing public transportation and enjoyed the seven-minute drive to the mall. Therefore, when I began my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, I ... Read More »

I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good

Jokes have been floating around campus about getting ready to dive head-first into the adult world, but it wasn’t until I was sitting alone at my usual table in the Brewhaus that this idea really hit home. Coming to college is scary, but leaving it is scarier. I remember sitting in the gazebo next to the HEC at midnight in ... Read More »

Phobias, Love and Tattoos, Oh My!

I have only been at The Pointer for one year. Through it, I found a thing I love, got to work with some of the best and some of the worst people and got over a phobia. When I came to Point, I had transferred from a small private school in Massachusetts that was no larger than my high school, ... Read More »

Here’s To You, Little Beer City: My Home

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point was not my first choice when it came to deciding on colleges and universities my senior year of high school. At my high school, college decisions were heavily influenced by the students who graduated before you. I knew of less than five people who chose UWSP in the years before me. When my mom mentioned ... Read More »