Letter to the Editor

Welcome Back from the President of SGA

Welcome back to another year at UW-Stevens Point, I hope you all had a relaxing and fulfilling sum­mer and are ready for another great year at UW-Stevens Point. As I was getting ready for classes this semes­ter, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I am to be a Pointer. In such contentious times politically and socially, we are ... Read More »

Chancellor’s Welcome Letter

I am so pleased you have chosen to be part of the wonderful University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point community. To give you a snapshot of the student body this year, our enrollment management team pulled some preliminary figures I think you may find interesting. As of the last day of August, 9595 students had enrolled at UW-Stevens Point for the fall ... Read More »

Serious Concerns Over Erroneous Articles: A Letter to the Editor

In the April 5 issue of The Pointer, William Helmke voiced serious concerns about an article featured in The Pointer the week previous titled “Occupy Spinoff comes to Miller Park, Brings Beer, Apathy.” These concerns need to be taken very seriously. The article in question was written by Aaron Osowski and published around April 1, 2012. In his critique of ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor 4-5-12

I found your satirical article “Occupy Spinoff comes to Miller Park, Bring Beer, Apathy” to be offensive and in poor taste. This sort of liberal slanted satire belongs on a entertainment website such as the Onion, not a student newspaper. It comes off as condescending to anyone with a conservative view and suggests that the writer is both ignorant and ... Read More »

Letter To The Editor: Why Sweatshops?

After reading last week’s article on sweatshops, I looked into what companies UWSP purchases from. Then, I optimistically (or perhaps naïvely) did a quick Google search looking for any hits including the companies and possible sweatshops. To my surprise, I didn’t receive a lot of hits on any of them; and it wasn’t because the sweatshops didn’t exist. The question ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

As the campus’ legislative liaison (government relations) the past 14 ½ years, I’ve attended many SGA Senate meetings throughout the years and have worked collaboratively with student leaders and their administrations of all political stripes. Starting with SGA President Jessica Hussein in 1996 through this academic year’s Rutledge SGA administration, I have had the pleasure to work with many wonderful ... Read More »