Ghost Particle: An Eye on Cosmic Explosions

The Department of Physics and Astronomy held events in the planetarium, showcasing the chase in Antarctica for small particles created by major cosmic bursts, like black-holes or star eruptions. The show on Sunday, Feb. 15, began with the usual oration of information about major stars in the Milky Way galaxy, as well as notable constellations and their mythological significance. Students leading the ... Read More »

A Listen In – Gaining the Perspective of Two Syrian Girls

Traveling to Marburg was more than learning German for me; it was about meeting new people and learning about the world though their perspectives. As many of you know, there is a large crisis in Syria. A good friend of mine is from Damascus, Syria. Though she is currently studying in Germany, her life still lies in the middle of ... Read More »

The Quick and Dirty: Does size matter?

An age-old questions was recently submitted: does penis size matter? The answer: kind of. Penis size matters to some, but many times people report they are satisfied with their partner’s penis. In a study by Johnston, McLellan and McKinlay, most women reported they would not consider a larger than average penis desirable. The average length of an erect penis ranges ... Read More »

Busy Fights Rage Among Students

Two of our section editors competed this week for who could have bigger under-eye bags from lack of sleep. They are living the college reality of sleep deprivation and mounds of work. Many of us experience sleepless nights to finish papers or study for exams. We are expected to be students, hold jobs, and deal with personal commitments, leaving little ... Read More »

Course Evaluations Need Re-Evaluation

Near each semester’s end, students complete evaluations that give feedback on the effectiveness of both the instructor and course. Such evaluations, which are scantrons with a series of questions ranging from 1 to 5, assess faculty and are used for retention, tenure and promotion reviews. The evaluation structure, however, does not allow for researched feedback as all students are given ... Read More »

Cheating Penguins, the Truth About Monogamy

Valentine’s Day is nearing, so it may come as a shock that our symbols of love are not entirely faithful. Evidence of infidelity within the love bird community should be a sign that it is time to replace our representatives of love. How about cockroaches? According to The National Science Foundation, DNA fingerprinting in the early 1990s led to a discovery in birds’ sexual behavior. “It ... Read More »

The Last Laugh

It took a comedian for me to see television news as something other than a joke. Jon Stewart took over hosting duties of “The Daily Show” in 1999, but I took little notice of his work. No one took him seriously as a newscaster. It was not until the Sept. 11attacks in 2001 that myself and the rest of America ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Commentary: 25 Reasons to Just do You

Back in sixth grade, I recall getting stuck doing an entire group project during the night of this beloved, ooey gooey celebration. That’s probably how a lot of people feel on Valentine’s Day – stuck doing all the work for people who don’t really care either way. The remedy? Being single with a healthy cynicism. I love writing lists. They’re ... Read More »

Proposed Budget Cuts Spark Conversation

With Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget cuts of $300 million looming over our heads, we need to prepare for devastating blows to the University of Wisconsin System and to UW-Stevens Point. Students have received emails from administration and SGA President Chris Slattery explaining the proposed cuts and how we can inform ourselves about the issues. Students and community members should ... Read More »

Review: Neeson has Dignity ‘Taken’ Away

To the makers of “Taken 3,” I do not know who you are. I do not know what you want. If you are looking for compliments, I do not have any. What I do have are a particular set of writing skills, writing skills that are a nightmare for people like you. The original “Taken” film was best known for ... Read More »