This May be Goodbye, but ‘Goonies Never Say Die!’

Over my past few years at UWSP I’ve done a whole bunch of writing. Whether it’s the slow grind of essays throughout the semester or the towering behemoth of research papers due by the end of finals week, throughout the year I constantly find myself in the constant state of setting words to paper and hoping that some kind of ... Read More »

Remember Graduates, Success is Subjective

As I prepare for graduation, it becomes clear what is expected of me. Teachers, friends, relatives and complete strangers reiterate these expectations by asking the same types of questions… “What do you want to do with your degree?” “Do you have any jobs lined up?” “Where are you going to live?” These are all valid questions. While many are asking ... Read More »

Go With the Flow and Carpe Diem

I think I’m supposed to impart my wisdom upon those still in school. I’m supposed to say all the things I’ve learned in the past four years. That is more than can fit in a 500 word article. There’s this saying I came across years and years ago and while I can’t remember the whole thing it basically said you’ll ... Read More »

Don’t Toss Your Cookies and Other Edible Food Away

Thinking about chucking your apple into the fence in front of Debot? If so–hold that thought and apple. Eco-unfriendly   An estimated 40% of food in America is wasted according to natural resources defense councilor, Dana Gunders. Stevens Point prides itself on being eco-friendly and has been working hard towards waste reduction.  Still tempted to chuck your apple at the fence? ... Read More »

‘Zootopia’ Speaks Volumes about Our Nature

“Zootopia” may end up meaning more to you than it will to most children. The kids are going to have a great time. They will have plenty of laughs and excitement. They will cheer with delight and quote all of their favorite lines until their parents go insane. But you might just find yourself doing something far different. You might ... Read More »

‘Gods of Egypt’ Is an Unholy Disaster

“Gods of Egypt” got me thinking about hieroglyphics. Much of what we know about Egyptian society is based on stone drawings of important historical and cultural events. What most people don’t think about is that for every person who was scrawling on a wall about politics and economics at that time, there was also someone sniffing glue and scribbling pictures ... Read More »

The American Birkebeiner

Birkie Fever has swept across the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point this past week as myself and many other students headed to Cable, Wisconsin to ski in North America’s largest cross-country ski marathon, the American Birkebeiner. What is Birkie Fever? According to Birkie.com, it can be described as “that yearly craving for the excitement, camaraderie and challenge that can only be ... Read More »

‘The Witch’ Is a Must-See, Warts and All

Ever since the likes of “Hocus Pocus,” witches have become more of a source of laughter in cinema than of horror. With the recent release of “The Witch,” things have taken a drastic turn. There are no broomsticks or pointy hats to be found in “The Witch.” This film has no interest in what you would find in a child’s ... Read More »

‘Deadpool’ Comes at the Perfect Time

“Deadpool” is a lot like a cute little puppy. I know, I know, but stick with me here. Puppies can be so loud and obnoxious sometimes, so obsessed with constant attention that they never calm down. They also tend to splatter bodily fluids all over the place and seem to enjoy doing it. Despite all of that, they are so ... Read More »