Arts and Advocacy Event to Raise Mental Health Awareness in Community

Lee Bartnik lbart544@uwsp.edu On April 27th the UWSP Student Health Advisory Committee, in partnership with the College of Fine Arts and Communications is hosting Arts & Advocacy, an arts event and raffle. The theme of Arts & Advocacy is mental health awareness. The event will feature local artists sharing stories through a variety of acts ranging from music and dance ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: Theo and the Get Down Stay Down

Aubrey Giordana Aubrey.A.Giordana@uwsp.edu     Thao and her Get Downs Stay Downs surprise us with their fifth album, “We the Common”. Thao has always reminded me of the girl in movies who smokes cigs and wants nothing to do with you. Based out of California, Thao has revved up her credentials as a recording artist and has proven she can ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: Titus Andronicus-Local Business

Kyle Florence kflor654@uwsp.edu     Since forming in Glen Rock, New Jersey in 2005, Titus Andronicus has hit the ground running, releasing two critically acclaimed albums that have left notable sources such as Pitchfork Magazine referring to their sound as “violent, overblown and irreverent.” With the release of their third full-length “Local Business”, the quintet returns to the limelight having ... Read More »

90FM Album Review:Generationals-Heza

Taylor Christian tchri473@uwsp.edu     One of these weeks, I will be allowed to grace all you readers with a raving, positive review of a band that I have loved for a long time once again. Unfortunately, the end of my chop-busting review streak does not come this week. With the release of their third full-length album, Heza, Generationals have ... Read More »

90FM Album Review:Lil Wayne-I Am Not a Human Being II

Steven Woodward swood172@uwsp.edu     As the title would lead us to believe, Lil Wayne wants us to know that he is not a human being. But with the release of “I Am Not A Human Being II”, rather than showcase his out of this word talent, Lil Wayne has proven to be as human as they come; consumed by ... Read More »

A Farewell to Sports

The world is scheduled to end in nine days. If that happens, there is a strong chance that the institution of sports will end as well. We have had some good times. A few laughs, a few cries, and a few moments when we just sat in awe. But, like a trip to Chuck E. Cheese or a conjugal visit, ... Read More »

What Do the 2012 Elections Mean for the GOP?

Everyone, take a deep breath in, now let it out. It’s done, over, gone (for now). The 2012 Elections are fin­ished. But if you’re a Republican, you’re probably wonder what exactly just happened. I mean, the momentum behind Republican Challenger Mitt Romney was absolutely fantastic (some even compared it to the 2008 Election and the Democrats back­ing Mr. Obama). There ... Read More »

We Must Love One Another

To bring awareness to bullying, Zach Halliwell produced and directed the video ‘We Must Love One Another’.  Halliwell’s videos can be found on the YouTube channel WolfSpirit201. Thousands of people around the world are bullied every day over their real or perceived sexual identity. To escape the pain of being bullied many resort to ending their life because they feel ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: Sleeper – Self-titled EP

In my opinion, if you can’t get lost in the music you’re listening to, than it really isn’t worth listening to in the first place. Taking this mantra into account, it should come as no surprise that I instantly fell in love with the band Sleeper’s self-titled EP, released earlier this year through Woods & Ether Records. It should be ... Read More »

90FM Album Review: Fathom Lane – “Down By Half”

Ever wonder what indie folk-country sounds like? First off, yes, it does exist, and if your curiosity has been piqued, a brand new band out of the Twin Cities named Fathom Lane has released a pretty cool debut album, Down By Half. It was released earlier this month and it has quickly become my personal most listened to album. Reminiscent ... Read More »