Three Words Worth Understanding

The meaning of words like sustainability and diversity are limited when their definitions are different between two people. How can we be sustainable if we do not understand and agree upon what sustainability really is? Sustainability Sustainability in its simplest form is the preparedness to endure. Sustain means to preserve, remain, stand fast, hold position, or maintain current conditions. So ... Read More »

Vaulters Begin Workouts

Everyone has that friend growing up that is always there and you hardly realize it. You don’t remember if you invited them or if they just showed up. They go hours without speaking and soon you forget they are even there, until they do something awesome. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point pole-vaulting team is that friend. Often lost in the ... Read More »

Intramurals: Professionally Mediocre

There are underlying reasons why we play sports at different stages in life. When we’re young we play sports because we want to hang out with our friends, make new ones and run around. The game itself is inconsequential. You’ll forget the final score ten minutes after you leave the ball park, but you’ll remember how many butterflies you caught ... Read More »