Review: ‘Sanctuary Bay’ Dangerous to Start

Meet Sarah: she’s a foster child, saw her mother die before her eyes and heard her father get shot. She is poor, has basically no luck at all except her hyperthymesia, a perfect memory which isn’t exactly a blessing. Then she gets a scholarship to an elite private school off the coast of Maine with a total immersion program- meaning ... Read More »

Oscar Diversity Issue Not so Black and White

It is hard enough as it is to take hashtag activism seriously, but many of the #OscarsSoWhite crowd are making it even harder. Now this isn’t going to be some piece about how the Oscars are fine as they are and how actors of color simply need to work harder if they want to earn nominations. Hollywood absolutely has a ... Read More »

Why Graduation Doesn’t Signify the End

I got an email this week instructing me to register to be a part of commencement, something I never thought I’d see when I started at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Since day one, graduation has seemed like something advisers and instructors talk about to keep you motivated and signing up for classes, but not an event that you’ll ever ... Read More »

Review: ‘Krampus’ Makes This Season’s Nice List

There are worse things you could get than a lump of coal. For every holiday cynic out there who rolls their eyes at how Christmas has become this weird blend of over-the-top capitalism and watered-down Paganism, the movie “Krampus” couldn’t come soon enough. This is a film where the amazingly dark and often ignored mythology of Santa Claus comes to ... Read More »

It’s Been Kind of Fun, Stevens Point

It is tradition for graduating staff members here at the Pointer to write a farewell article, and after seeing many do it before, it is now my turn. So adiós, Stevens Point. If I had to decide what the smartest decision I ever made here was, it was to build up the courage to walk through the doors into our ... Read More »

Review: ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Lays an Egg

Does Pixar even have to try anymore? That’s both a compliment and a critique. This week with “The Good Dinosaur,” it provides yet another in its long line of films that are solid and charming tearjerkers aimed primarily at kids but also are appealing to adults. It’s everything you expect it to be, and while that is great for people ... Read More »

Review: ‘Peanuts’ Shells Out Plenty of Nostalgia

Only the coldest, most bitter of cynics could dislike “Peanuts.” Who among us has not crumbled bashfully before the majesty of the “little red-haired girl” in our lives? Who has not had a metaphorical blanket we clutched like Linus? Perhaps most of all, who among us has not felt like the ball we were about to kick has been pulled ... Read More »

UWSP Alumna Takes on the World Health Organization

When most individuals in the health field think of the World Health Organization, they may think of global health policy or of doctors traveling to Sierra Leonne aiding in the Ebola crisis. But when I think of the organization, my mind will always return to the summer of 2015 and my internship in Switzerland. Let’s rewind a bit. I spent ... Read More »

Health Educators: Get Yourself Tested

Chlamydia is a flower, right? No. One in five sexually active adults is diagnosed with an STI by the age of 25. STI screening plays a very important role in maintaining sexual health, so don’t forget to get yourself tested! The Reproductive Health Peer Educators and Student Health Services will be offering walk in STI screenings from 10 a.m. to ... Read More »