‘Spectre’ Solidifies Craig’s Bond with Greatness

The safest thing to do is to always just stick with the original. As far as James Bond is concerned, it’s easiest to say that Sean Connery has played the role better than anyone, so let’s just do that. Despite the lack of nuance or humor from Connery that you can find from later actors, you can never go wrong ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: Perspective from an Out of State Student

The amount of times I have had to explain where I’m from and why I’m here is incredible. The typical introductions when I meet new people include, “Where are you from?” and ” What’s your major?” When I respond I’m from New York, their immediate thought is that I’m from New York City. False. I’m from Camden, New York, a small ... Read More »

Review: ‘Scouts Guide’ Lacks Merit

Zombie movies are a lot like zombies themselves. They refuse to die. Even if you love the genre, it is hard to argue that popular culture itself has not been oversaturated with all of the shambling, brain-munching repetition. The creatures have become a sort of unofficial mascot for the young, modern nerd crowd that scoffs at sincere filmmaking and prefers ... Read More »

Review: ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ is Hocus Pocus Without Any Focus

Less can definitely be more, especially in Hollywood. It is not a coincidence that so many verbally-challenged men have become action heroes. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Steven Seagal and Keanu Reeves have all had tremendous action movie success while delivering their dialogue with the emotional complexity of a ham sandwich. This is what works, though. Simplicity is conducive to action ... Read More »

A Rising in Advising

As of late, on campus there are two little words that continue to loom over everything: differential tuition. You have likely seen and heard plenty of opinions about that already, so you are going to be spared exposure to another one here. The issue has however highlighted another problematic subject that many seem to be ignoring. One of the benefits ... Read More »

Losing Faith in Politics

During Pope Francis’s recent visit to the United States, he was widely applauded by people of all walks of life. Yet his greatest gain was his growing support among liberals. This is a pope who speaks of kindness, gentleness, and open-mindedness. This is a pope who says all of the right things about taking care of the sick and the ... Read More »

Review: ‘Crimson Peak’ Reaches Impressive Heights

Actress Mia Wasikowska must be an English major at heart. Over the years, she has starred in adaptations of “Jane Eyre,” “Madame Bovary,” “Alice in Wonderland” and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Double.” Now, with “Crimson Peak,” she stars in a perfect love letter to Gothic literature. The Gothic genre is widely accepted as the birthplace of modern horror. As one of ... Read More »

Is the End Ever ‘The End’ for Open-World Experience?

The new expansion called “Hearts of Stone” was recently released for the “The Witcher 3.” I was incredibly anxious waiting for its release, because this new, downloadable content supposedly adds a whopping ten hours in additional story to the already massive experience. Once it was released, I was surprised to learn the new content is specifically designed for characters over ... Read More »

UWSP Soccer Strives to Find Progress as Season Continues

With some stability finally coming around for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point women’s soccer team, the only things missing now are the results. Unfortunately for the continually improving Pointers, the clock is ticking on the season. UWSP has endured four losses by one goal over the past six games. A common theme to some of the losses early in the ... Read More »

The Real World Is Now

The real world. We’ve all heard the term. Since grade school, people older than us have warned about the real world. It’s not forgiving, you have to work for what you get and it isn’t fair. Still, as college students, we hear about this supposed place we’ll finally reach when we grow up, become real adults and shake our childish ... Read More »