Waiting on the World to Change

“Does life exist beyond Earth?” These were the words of James L. Green, the director of NASA’s planetary science division. “We now have… great opportunities in the right locations on Mars to thoroughly investigate that.” On Sept. 28, NASA made the announcement they have evidence of the existence of flowing water on Mars. With this discovery, we have new hope of ... Read More »

Review: ‘The Final Girls’ is a Scream Come True

In the wake of iconic horror director Wes Craven’s death, it is appropriate and bittersweet that we are seeing a resurgence of the slasher movie satire he made famous with his “Scream” series. That film series has been adapted to television recently, and Fox debuted a similar show entitled “Scream Queens” only a few weeks ago. The public response to ... Read More »

Crashing the Parties

When he entered this year’s presidential race, nobody took him seriously. Most people laughed at the idea of him competing against the big-name frontrunner.  Everyone assumed his views were too polarizing even for his own party, let alone for mainstream America. The whole campaign was suppose to be a publicity stunt. But then he started catching on. People loved his ... Read More »

Review: ‘The Martian’ is Undeniably Human

The term “deus ex machina” was used during the days of ancient Greek tragedies for when actors playing gods were brought to the stage on devices, like cranes, to save all of the characters and assure a happy ending. The term translates into English as “god from the machine.” These days, it is used as more of an insult to ... Read More »

Start Paying on Student Loans

We don’t always have excess money as college students. In general, we scrape by. We scrounge for change in the couch, we live on ramen noodles and we wear dirty clothes just to save money on laundry. Somehow we still find enough money for some luxuries, like routine Starbucks runs, and we always have plenty of extra cash when it ... Read More »

Review: ‘Green Inferno’ Feeds on Grindhouse Tradition

“The Green Inferno” is one of the worst things I have ever seen. It’s disgusting, implausible, hateful and offensive in every possible way. You could even argue the movie is bad for society as a whole. That being said, I loved every minute of it. I thought long and hard trying to figure out if I had any major problems ... Read More »

Are We Taking Critical Courses Too Late?

Capstone and other applied-skills courses are invaluable pieces of the academic puzzle, but some students are not taking them until their final semesters, which may be unfavorable for their education and career goals. Every student should take scheduling and advising seriously so they can take courses in the best order for maximum learning, self-improvement and timely graduation. As a forest management ... Read More »

Showing Our True Colors

The first person to die for the United States was not a soldier. He was not a tall, white hero in a powdered wig who waved the Stars and Stripes over his head as he charged into battle. He was simply a man of color who had enough. In 1770, amid growing tension between American colonialists and British soldiers in ... Read More »

Library Is Still Crucial to Students’ Success

For students hoping to study in the library late on Thursday nights and weekends, you’re out of luck. Due to budget cuts, the library is now open nine hours less each week during those times. But to many students, nine hours is just a minor portion of their time. It’s only a season of “Game of Thrones,” the amount of ... Read More »

Depp Brings Appropriate Weight to ‘Black Mass’

Great actors are said to disappear into their roles, and no actor tries harder to do that than Johnny Depp. It seems that every film he has done over the past several years has involved some sort of heavy costuming.     Most people assume he chooses his new goofy looks according to whatever movie he is in, but I ... Read More »